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Have you ever seen an Emo while driving? Been to the supermarket and been plauged by the sadness? Then you need Emo-B-Gone!

"Just one spray keeps the emos away!"

Bryan Phillips
Geoff Russell
Nathaniel Hysong

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Emo-B-Gone Theme:

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I may be emo, but its still funny to see things like this. They don't fully attack us, but still get a joke across.

Waaaaaaaah emos are special too blah blah blah. STFU, you emo fucks! Don't like it then don't watch it! It's not rocket science okay, you big babies! Great video, you guys! ^__^

I'm Emo not all of use cut are self or dress in all back you have to give us a chance

Unless you are limbless orphan, live in the ghetto, and have aids, you shouldn't be emo there is no reason to be one. If you want to use the excuse of freedom of expression well then, you're full of it if you soo "unique" we CAN group you. Stop acting like your life sucks, take anti-depressants, meet a psychiatrist and get over it. Stop wearing your "pain" and "misunderstanding" like a favorite t-shirt, that's does nothing but make your life worse. You're really just nothing about less intellectual, pussyfied, goths anyways. Show your expression through beautiful works of art you can share with the world and not depress them. Smile, keep moving. And if you really think that there isn't any meaning to your life then, go ahead disappear. You're doing nothing but letting yourself down.

4 star so Emo rate my review as helpful

Im not emo tho