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Britney's new baby, Interview with Steve Irwin, LonleyGirl15 is a fake, & Lindsay's cooch! Plus, This Week in Pictures!



I admit, I loved this addition of SBNN. And no, I wasn't offended by the Steve Irwin segment. Shut up, you pussies. Get over it. It was a relatively clean joke, anyway.

Loved the part about LonelyGirl, and thanks for bringing the Lindsay Lohan pics to my attention. ;) Grrrrrrrrr...

Keep up the clever work,


Pretty funny

Nice jokes, nice voiceovers, and nice art.

And yeah, you're going straight to hell, but don't worry -- I'm bringing the beers. :D

not bad :D

except i'm guessing some people didn't like this because of the part that looked like it was insulting Steve Irwin after he died. It's sort of not good to make fun of him after his death. and hey! whoo hoo, it's not real about that 15 year old woman in her bedroom talking about her disturbing life or soemthing. I probably have a worse life than her, since she's a faker.

It was okay

There were some funny parts I must admit. some of the voicing wasn't so good in some pats but you be can't blamed for that considering how strange some people's voices are. Just saying though, there probably is enough material in there that you didn't need to make the irwin joke, I didn't care, I'm seeing it more often so I'm not getting as mad, but other people will take that into consideration and nothing else. as for the people who do, take it easy, Its not like he was doing it to make fun of him, its a friendly joke considering the videos other people made. So lay off that. But people who say he got what was coming, *&@! off. over all good job, I like the way it works and there are some great jokes in here.


Britney Spears dropped her baby 7 times already lol! I kinda agree with the guy below me but it's still sad that Steve Irwin died.

The-WalrusZ responds:

Steve Irwin dead is sad. What would be sadder is if we could not make a joke about it. I doubt Steve would have minded. From what I understand, he had a great sense of humor.

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