ShoBizNewsyNews #33

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Britney's new baby, Interview with Steve Irwin, LonleyGirl15 is a fake, & Lindsay's cooch! Plus, This Week in Pictures!



im not offended by the content or anything, it just was not funny. quite lame actually.

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People have murdered humor.

Humor used to be more clever. Now people just insult other people or try to say something sexually outrageous and call it the funniest thing they've heard. Wow...Paris Hilton had to BLOW into a breathalyzer? And then you made a joke about her sex tape? Good one, nobody saw that coming.

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The-WalrusZ responds:

Always taking joke submissions from people if you think I'm lame. Just remember this. Those that can... do. Those that can't... review.

that was the worst impression of steve irwin ever!

and the rest was terrible, boring, and re-used.

hey, we have something in common!
i made $18.10 canadian from recycling some old bottles and cans!
it's not the same thing you specialize in recycling, but we both had the same goal in mind: making money.

The-WalrusZ responds:

Oh yeah... I'm SO rich over making ShoBiz Newsy News! Let me count my millions! HAHAHAHAHA!

this ep was ok

man dont ever try to make fun of steve irwin ur just pissed cause he will make more in a day than u will make in a year and he died doing wat he loved to do. ya he did stupid shit with the baby but still ppl liked him nad he taught kids stuff. and its sad u have to make fun of a dead guy

What he said...

Yeah, I agree with what the last reviewer said about your joke about Steve Irwin. Meh, I'm not usually like this and HAD it been in good taste I would have caught a laugh or two out of it. The way you did it was just wrong... Other than that, another good episode - 4/5

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Sep 21, 2006
7:27 AM EDT
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