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Britney's new baby, Interview with Steve Irwin, LonleyGirl15 is a fake, & Lindsay's cooch! Plus, This Week in Pictures!


hahaha funny

that was great. but is it true that lonegirl15 a fake
and that she is a actress that's not 15 but 19 and got people
dierecting her movies? oh and what up? with the streve
joke that....well at least he is in heaven. any way good job
can't wait to see more from ya!

Review Bump (a.k.a. Vegas Slot Rating)

Had to get rid of that last guy. Anyway, if you people haven't gone to Zipperfish to see Reginold, then you can't really judge those guys by just Showbiznewsynews. It's not their best work. This one was alright, though...especially because I HATE Myspace, don't even USE it, and I HATED that stupid b***ch...at least now I won't have to hear about her stupidity vicariously. Anyway, decent stuff. Nothing amazing.

zipperfish,com i have something to say to you

youre an ok site but never make fun of steve irwin again or you will die trust me

One of the few things on NG that makes me laugh.

It was amusing, it was fun. The graphics are ok, not mind-blowing but adequate, with style. The sound, in compare to all the other entries is magnificent, first having a lector who doesn't sound like a 15-year old trying to have a bsss voice (which despite the best efforts can just ruin an entire movie), and second without any noise and disturbing background.

I've read that alot of people are so horribly shocked about Irvin's death, and how it was disturbing/hideous/stupid. Perhaps it wasn't the funnyiest part, though I enjoyed it nontheless.

A good, solid entry. Go make more.

yay the walrus strikes again

with his amazingly inane pseudo-fanboy mind-raping of whatever he prays will make him popular.

seriously, why the hell is this on the front page?
It's barely amusing, it's more of the same empty-headed emo ravings, and the shit about Irwin was really a little fucking insensitive.

I'm not jumping on the Croc Hunter OMG NOW THAT HE'S DEAD WE MUST LOVE HIM bandwagon.
I've always had respect for the fact that he places himself into dangerous situation after dangerous situation without seeming to notice that HAY THAT'S A BIG FUCKING CROCODILE YOU'RE CRAPPING YOUR ARM INTO.

I love how you wait for the man to die before you feel you can mock him.

Funny thing, that, how many people will remember your name enough to bother mocking you when you die, Walrus?

It's been two years since you made anything of any note.


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Sep 21, 2006
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