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Britney's new baby, Interview with Steve Irwin, LonleyGirl15 is a fake, & Lindsay's cooch! Plus, This Week in Pictures!


Dude you suck

leave steve alone, that wasent funny nore will it ever be


Ok, I admit that the graphic are pretty smooth. But do you know why I gave you a low score on style? You see, all of the 33 news is that those "famous" people. The bottom line is that I personally do not care what they do and what happened to them. Plus, over 90% of those people are not cool anyway athough they believe that they are cooler than everyone else. So, please, please stop the trash news about those "famous" people, it is boring. Oh, the reason why I gave violence a perfect 10 is because I felt like hammering my laptop while watching this moive. Please make something else next time. There are millions of more interesting things to talk about than those trash newx in the world.

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Good as usual

The graphics were alright, I did notice though the multiple light background for the special moment did not totally cover the canvas, where Ty was
The animation was fair
The sounds and voices great
The humor solid

I just did'nt like the Beyonce' skit is all =P

Spot on and funny as always!

Walrus, you cheeky dog... You really ARE going straight to hell as far as most people on your show would be concerned, but we all know that as far as YOU are concerned you really don't care...
The Steve Irwin interview skit was funny. Shows that he can manage to be enthusiast about what's around him even now that he's in heaven... God bless, Steve...
This has to be one of the funniest Newsflashes that i regularly watch along with daily News on TV. It's informative, fresh and hlariousyl bad to the bone. We all miss Y.A.A.F.M., but you seem to have found a very valid replacement for that series.

Keep up the good work!

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Another great Flash by The Walrus

The part with Steve Irwin was funny,keep it like that

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Sep 21, 2006
7:27 AM EDT
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