Clayground - WSSH 1/5

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*thanks to everyone who voted 5 to get me to Daily 4th :) my first Daily place :)*

The First episode of the When Some stuff happens Mini Series. not as good as its sequals but hey, its a start :P
Blak Tornado 2006


Yarg! Nifty job with this one, Excelsiour

or, in im-not-in-a-mental-institute lingo, Great job this is one of my favorites


nice good work with clay it wasnt that good but i like how ur clay things were so reelistic if only they had a face but nobodys perfect so ya nice flash

No excuse

I'm sorry but if this were a flash toon, then it would be blammed. The only reason people like this is because it's claymation. I can admit that it's bold to use such a medium, but the pace of this movie is dull and the story is incredibly uninspired. I can't believe people are actually saying this has good animation though, do they not see how the legs don't move? How there are no faces on any of the characters? Just because the guy had the balls to use stop motion doesn't make it a good movie.

BlakTornado responds:

Thank you for being honest :) Also you put that people liked it because it was clay but unfortunately, its often the other way round :( but this was the end of my crappy movies (if you watch the sequal (The Dalek, The Brick, The Key) they are better quality and a higher standard (in my opinion) which is the way I would like to go.

thanks for giving a reveiw :)


Pretty good animation + everything, but it seems like all you're doing is recreating a knox animation. Try a different brand of humor in your next animation.

BlakTornado responds:

Well, I am inspired alot by knox's humor and weirdness but this was pretty much the end of trying to be like knox (if you look at the sequals, they are less like knox's)
thanks for telling my what you think about it - I like to know what people think of my movies. And thansk for giving it a 7 :)

Great talent for stop motion clay work.

Wow, this was really neat. It must have taken you ages to animate this, not to mention all the time you spent making the hairy guy, having to roll out and place all those strips of clay onto it. Well, your worked payed off, it was really good. I certainly enjoyed it.

BlakTornado responds:

It took ages to make the hairy guy lol, I had to be careful not to squish the hair lol. I still have him in my box where I keep my clay but his arm has fallen off :( I'll use him again sometime :)

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3.37 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2006
4:12 PM EDT
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