Mr. Wilkins's Adventure

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The Internet isn't as nice as it seems...

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Interesting story

Interesting story, and i thought the graphics was notbad, allthough could be spruced up somewhat, maybe more shades and depth in the characters, but as for the animation it was decent.


good graphics

very good graphics still need improvement but all the same but next time please dont say that the internet can cause you to be watched by perverts...it scares me

ummm no....

that cant happen because there are laws against following school buses, the police will get nitified and you will be pulled over for doing it

Grasso responds:

You either ignored the whole point of the movie or couldn't comprehend the meaning. Either way, I'm sure I deserved a 0 and I'll make sure to never follow school buses ever again.

i feel violated just by watching this....

dude, your sound.... it's bad.
other than your artistic skills and your sucky sound, it's pretty good. oh yeah i think i heard laughing in the back round? if so.... thats not a good thing.
i also liked that unexpected twist in the begining. i so though that he was spanking the monkey. i never would have ever thought that guy to pet a pussy!

Grasso responds:

yeah our voice actor had his mouth too close to the mic, but his lines were too funny to just redo so we kept them. And yeah it was hard not to laugh, we tried to edit it out as best we could.

You may have improved on the sound...

But its the fact that ppl dont like story cuz its weird and all but thats my opinion.You should make something else that doesnt deal with child molestors or whatever that was supposed to be.Its very disturbing too. Well good luck on your next flash anyway.

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2.47 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2006
8:37 PM EDT
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