Primal War 09

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In this chapter , the White Gorilla is confronted with Naca , the dinosaur witch ( also brother to T'Char who he had killed in part 4).She wants revenge and the demon sword he took from his brother so she brings a possessed beast ( Tor ) to vanquish the gorilla.


Reason why I found that a little bit funny

I have a friend named Cha'Tara

Cha'Tara, Chatari?! OMG coincidence!!! 0_0

No but really it's good story. I love this series nd hope to see the next episode. I don't think you need to actually add human language to your existing characters like some other reviewers think. It defeats the purpose of their beastiality in my opinion. Perhaps you should experiment some before submitting your next flash of the series. However, when you're doing the animal sounds for you characters could you do a few more sounds then the exact same grunt?

Other than that it's great


Chatari nooooooooooooo!!!!


OMFG what will the chimp do now????

Really good but the sounds...

I agree with the last person about the voices. You should spend a bit and get a mic, cuz that monkey sound didnt match the words at all. And one glitch, the preloader goes over the boundries, try and fix if you can, not a big deal really. Other than that, it was really good. But ya, get a mic, or a friend with one, or someone with a great voice for the characters. Keep up the good work!

Sound could have killed this

The sound really brought this down, it was all crackling and far too loud, I usually don't have to turn my volume down for a flash =(

The animation, fighting and art however were awesome as ever though, and redeem it. Though I'm still not a fan of the female characters being just coloured humans with tails when the males are animal through and through, it just seems...wrong. Almost like beastiality when they're meant to be the same species, kinda destroys the idea that they're not human if they look far too human I think =P

But yeah, still need work on the sound, but the animation is still great. I'd suggest changing the style of the female characters, but that's not a biggy, just personal opinion

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:O wow

Words can not express beauty in this cartoon.
Please keep the good work.


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4.11 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2006
7:00 PM EDT