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Primal War 09

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In this chapter , the White Gorilla is confronted with Naca , the dinosaur witch ( also brother to T'Char who he had killed in part 4).She wants revenge and the demon sword he took from his brother so she brings a possessed beast ( Tor ) to vanquish the gorilla.

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The music was top notch in this. I know it's biased, but I really didn't like the idea of a lizard woman with boobs. I mean, it makes no anatomical sense! She even seemed to have nipples in this. Maybe it was the lighting? It was still a good cartoon.

It's nice to see more dialogue. I guess it wouldn't make as much sense to have them actually talk. Then again, this isn't meant to be realistic. The animation was great in this one. I especially love the sword fight.

That battle was awesome, and although I should have stated this earlier since this isn't the female witch's first appearance, but as a reptile/dinosaur she shouldn't have mammalian breasts nor nipples. She does look damn sexy with them though so I guess the saying "sex sells" really is true.


The main point u need to work on though is the way u tell the story. Like the tiger woman suddenly sees her companions are dead and cries is a part of the story u want to share with us. Unfortuantly this scene happens way to fast. Long story short u dont give any personallity depth to charakters or extra atmoshpere by pauses(etc) in to the scenes. If u use a bit more tricks for the story telling than u would deserve 10's on all rest ur animations :P


it was great like all others before it (maybe more) but i have a few things that caught my attention mixed w/ some compliments, first of all, adn i don't want to sound like a perv for noticing it, but you actually animated the nipples onto the witch-bitch this time, second why does it look like bull-man has the same sword as the gorrila, i thought his sword was special and magical since the wizard had it, third i liked how the witch-bitch did some harry potter-kookoo 4 koko puffs magic on teh bull-man, fourth and last the woman swords for the lionesses where awesom cuz they remind me of xcalibur


The dinos captured the gorilla...I loved the fight between Bull and Gorilla. Epic...simply epic. Nice episode.
5/5 10/10