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This is a compilation of flash animations I created in the span of one year (the good, the bad and the ugly), made in celebration of my 2nd anniversary at DeviantArt (which was in May of this year). So, of course, at this point it is extremely dated (and to me, crappy looking XD) because it's been almost a year since most of this was animated, but I hope you can get a kick out of it for all it's worth. If you want a taste of some more updated animation, you can visit my DeviantArt page, the link to which is provided at the end of this presentation.


Great Job

Wow, that was pretty good! I love the song you used too. It's fun to dance to!

I liked it alot. KEEP IT UP

By the way- I have never met another Kylee who spells it the same as me.

very good

nice work lot of effort was put into this even though its a collection of many projects into one.Animation was great all around from the minor details like animating the hair and cloth movement to the actual movement of the character movement. keep up the good work.


Very interesting. Love tha anime, and i love the song =3. I wana do animation soon, but im still working on my drawing skills. Your drawing skills far surpasses mine. Keep it up. 5 4 tha flash....5 billion for the song.........and 10 sept-tillion for everything. XD

makes me happy

=] I like this song, for those of you who dont know its from Full Metal Alchemist, but I dont know what the name is xD

Is the girl suppose to be Winry? o_O jw

you get extra points for having most of the animation being Alchemist based
Gotta love the randomness


Animation: outstanding.
Everything else: boring as hell.
Plus that music suck the ass crack of a roadkilled skunk.

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Sep 19, 2006
1:19 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place September 20, 2006