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Rats on Cocaine - Ep # 5

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Author Comments

After a coked-out sexual frenzy, Alice finds herself all knocked up. But the pitter-patter of tiny, clawed feet could severely disrupt her and Cage's established dynamic. Luckily, Alice has an idea to restore sanity.


This guy makes awesome Flash. <Spoilers>

There will be SPOILERS in my review.

Everyone who likes this series should go and see the animations on the Authors site. You can watch the animations in full screen which made them so much more enjoyable. I started of with Fear and Loathing in Mos Eisley which was pretty strange but the animation was so funny to watch and the barrage of sounds all made it hilarious. One of the best parts is that colorful finish, a whole flash of dynamic colors like that would be so enjoyable for me, the way they were laid out on the buildings and how they were sequenced made the difference (more refined graphics in general would help, but this was one of your first from what I can see).

Grandma's Independence Day is sick yet it has a few interesting messages, some might have a hard time keeping up with parts of what Grandma says. I couldn't really understand the connection between the eclipse and what was happening, seemed like they'd been eating their family for a while (before the eclipse had begun). It felt a little anti climatic though you accompanied it by some narration which helped even things out.

Egot might have been my favorite one. The (based on a true) story of an actor who was to hung up on a certain image and died attempting what was likely impossible for him, based on how he lived. I'm guessing from how he was portrayed that the Author has fairly little respect for him (forget his name, the Ego-t maniac who dies), It seems kind of sad, especially if the Mel Brooks thing is all true. If he'd taken that job in the comedy with Brooks, would he have possibly been a success? Who knows how many other offers he turned down that could have helped his progress (or start him on the path if no progress had been made). It seems like once his show got cancelled he was almost screwed, if he'd learned to manage his money instead of owning a mansion he might have had a chance at that point. R.I.P.

The Purple Rose of Skaro is interesting on multiple levels, but for some reason when I look back on it the experience wasn't altogether as enjoyable as some or your other animations. The graphics were better for sure, I also liked many of the jokes and characters. It just felt kind of slow at times, more content in certain areas more than likely would boost my opinion of that animation. I liked some of the concepts you used such as that containment gadget the cloaked shredded meat faced guy is after, and the super huge atom (what kind was it?) that the mad professor type guy with the life support device used to...destroy all the clones and make everything on the planet black?

I've yet to watch any of your other animations buy I've got your site book marked for later. By the way, your Rats on Cocaine series is AWESOME! My favorite characters (mostly because they've had the perfect amount of screen time) are the Opium addicted Gerbils (not Hamsters right..?). I didn't even notice that you'd five episodes in this series until today when I came back to watch the first one again, and then checked your other submissions. I saw it for the first time a couple days ago I believe (yesterday? maybe) It gets better as it goes along, but all the episodes are very good in their own right. We definitely need some more creatures to make appearances. I'm so into the scenes where the lead Rats find huge stashes of coke and just FReAk oUt! All of your work has some form of quality, and that's something that's hard to find in a large amount of the submissions on this site. You're likely to be an inspiration for other artists that create on the sadistic side of things, and likely in as many other forms of art as one could imagine.

I hope to see much more from you, and that your art helps you reach whatever goals you may've set for your self. It's good to see art that does not conform to the values of the average person living in a structured system dominated by money and those with the time to waste petitioning for rules that will help enslave us, under the rule of dictators we shall fall.

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ApocalypseCartoons responds:

damn, now that's in depth. thank you much.
"fear & loathing" and "grandmas" were made a long time ago so the animation and timing aren't very good. so was "premie petey" which is very rough.

"egot" i kinda like too. as far as i know mel brooks never offered thomas a job, but mel did achieve egot which is why i threw him in there. also, i made up the part about him dying. thomas is still alive. other than that, it's all true.

"skaro" is mostly a doctor who fan film. you need to be a huge who fan to really get it. i wonder if there's enough doctor who fans to post it here?

i might also recomend "father tucker" which is almost as popular as "rats". the last five or six episodes are pretty good i think.

meanwhile, i'm working on a couple of new toons at the moment.

thank you,

this is the best one yet!!

that was to fucking much! i mean that last bit?? that was like the worst thing ive ever seen i mean the mom ate all of the babys and whene the father objected?! she picked up a baby head and calleed him a fagot using it as a sock pupet!!! AND THEN SHE THREW IT AT HIM!!! holy fuck thats funny!! man i hope you do another one of these!! this is the shiz!!

This is a gem

What a find, I'm glad Tom put you on the front page, this is something most NG fans would never see. Excelent stuff, keep up the good work. I especially loved the Extacy rabbits, and the opium gerbils, however I think you need some meth addicted weasels, combine extreme drug addiction with cunning and evilness, it would be priceless.

Sorta hard to hear what they say

this seems like something I would make... consider placing a meth-addicted parrot beside them. It could work. LordKalgan - Reporting Out.

This might be to hard core for even Newgrounds.

Not. This is highly disturbing. I would like to see inside your brain, but please, not by drillhole labotomy. How'd you come up with crack rats, anyway?

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

my brain is on display mondays through thursdays between noon and four or on weekends by appointment.

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Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2006
1:05 AM EDT
Comedy - Original