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The Mighty Trio 1.1

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This is the first animated "Mighty Trio" adventure. I created the Mighty Trio many years ago, while I was in middleschool, and I've been drawing them ever since.

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This was quite a good movie

I figured after you reviewed one of my best movies a 0 for no apparent reason I'd give your stuff a look, and its actually well done. You do your own original artwork, an original concept and plot, I imagine you did your own voice acting, and it had a decent amount of humor. I'm sorry you've sort of been shafted because you make these good movies that virtually go unnoticed, which is probably why you went on a tirade on my flash because you figure we get all our publicity easy because of name recognition of the group and people like Illwillpress who have name recognition for pumping out the same thing 50+ times.

As for advice for this flash, I noticed the file size is a bit large for something of this nature. For the sound files you use, do you stream them and for music files do you edit the export quality to 16kbps instead of the imported mp3 quality? Otherwise, I wouldn't know what would drive it up that high other than sound.

However, good flash nonetheless and keep up the good work. Please just don't go around bashing people like me because you have something against the Lock Legion and Clock Crew. ;)

Ghosty22 responds:

How dramatic... You make it seem as if I reviewed your movie negatively because I was angry. I did give the reasons why I gave it a low score, and if you think my review was a "tirade," you might want to look "tirade" up in the dictionary.

I don't think "revenge" is a good reason to watch someone's movies. As an artist, you need to be able to take criticism.

When I make sounds, I record them and save them as .wav's. Then I import them. If it's music we're talking about, when it's long, I think I stream it. When it's just a short piece that I use to accentuate a particular scene, then I just use it as an event. When someone is talking, I stream it, because it seems as if that's the best way to sync up the mouth movements.

When I'm doing the publish settings... Well... It depends on the length of the movie. If it's a short movie, I set the rate to 128 kbps, and I set the quality to "best." For larger movies like Chanter Tales, I set the kbps to a much lower rate, and I also set the screen dimensions smaller... People complained about the poor sound quality, if I remember correctly...

Not bad

Interesting concept. Like the whole comic-book mockery. I enjoyed it, but was not exactly rolling around, laughing my head off.

Entertaining none the less. I would watch part 2.

fartingly funny

i nearly let rip i was laughing so hard, EXCELENT FLASSH!!!!
hurry up with the next one already

Ghosty22 responds:

Hopefully I'll have it finished next week... Around Wednesday...

That was awesome

haha can't wait for the next episode. Dr. Vlatulence as a kid looked hilarious and i loved how the good guys made fun of him, typical good guys just like the cool kids in school

Dr Vlatulence Stinks!

Dr Vlatulence makes poop look good! (get it?) heh heh

Ghosty22 responds:

The similarity of his name to that word is merely coincidential!!!