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John and Joe Ep. 1

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This is my next movie, John and Joe. I made a menu, but for some reason, scene select 5+6 are broken (actually, sometimes 5 works for some reason.) The Doopliss thing, I was going to do, but due to script confusion, it was cancelled. you can still see him tough, but clicking is pointless. Otherwise, it's a movie based on an old comic my friend made. Now watch and see my movie.


keep goin.

this ones a lil better than one of your others i just saw. definetly need to work a little bit on your story. i for one thought joe couldnt swin. it was lookin like he was swimmin pretty damn good away from that shark! anyway dude the more you make the better youll get.

kirbykrew responds:

I know that there's a little lack of story, as this was based off of an old comic by my friend. and as for swimmin away from that shark...um... Joe got so afraid the ability to swim just popped out of nowhere. I'm improving on my skillz but thanks

Nice job, good try, keep improving

But man, i'm a little upset
you misspelled my name in the credits.
it's RAUST

ok now that i have that out of my system, good job. I'd like to see you do some more work. there's definitely some things you could improve on, like drawing. the pencil tool is not the way to go, man. try using shape and line and paint fill tools. they look much more professional.

kirbykrew responds:

Thanks for the song and the tip. sorry about the spelling. If I use a song of yours again, I'll make sure it's RAUST. <:)

I give you a 10

not because you choose my song, but for the effort to try something, I like when people put a lot of effort on creating, something, the more you tried the better you will be

Peace man
586rick VG remaker

kirbykrew responds:

Thank you and thanks for your song, it helped my movie well. Yes, I have tried very hard and thank you for bieng nice about it, as the other reviews weren't as kind as you were. I wish the best for you in flash and audio. Thanks for enjoying my movie.


All can say is learn to draw! its jsut 2 guys moving hand down up down up...

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kirbykrew responds:

mabye you weren't smart enough to hit play?


this really wasnt the best flash i've seen, and not even close to decent, but i can tell you tried. if you work a little more on the graphics and get a better plot going you could make some pretty good movies i think.

good luck

kirbykrew responds:

Thanks. and like in the credits, it wasn't my idea. it was based on an old comic that my friend made. But yeah, once I get the Idea going, I'll use Fireworks or something good at art for the drawings. Thank you and good day.

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