The Super Tuffle

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I've been working on Flash for some time now and I've never completed a series yet, but now thats changed, i've made a full movie called The Super Tuffle, it's about a Tuffle named Xeon, who wants to get revenge because of the Saiya-jins wiped his race out. I hope you all enjoy!



That was really good... the animation was great and the art style was mirrored to the original...this movie inspired me to try to animate the alternate timeline story i came up with, but my drawing needs a lot of work... could you make a tutorial on how to draw DBZ in general instead of one picture of a character, I.E., how to draw DBZ muscles, faces, ETC.

wow this was much better!! the body angles and shapes are much cleaner u obviously got a lot better at animating..gonna look up as much of your stuff as possible! very inspiring!

What kind of super saiyn is that ssj6?

I liked it. It was a decently enjoyable flash animation, and I thought it was a pretty decent story. I do, however, have a few gripes here and there.

First off, Goku's one fingered Kamehameha. Now, as nice as I'm sure you all thought it was, it seemed a little out of place for Goku. You only ever see villains using a finger type move (Freeza, Cell, Cooler, etc) and it's generally accepted to be an evil way of performing a move.

Secondly, I do like the appearance of the "False Super Saiyan 4" and everything, but that's not the Super Saiyan God. This is really more of an address to the viewers than anything.

Anyways, keep up the good work, and I hope to see more from you in the future.

this god super sayain is very powerful but i think that it would look better with fur and white hair like super sayain 5

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4.16 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2006
4:18 PM EDT