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Paper Mario And THOF

September 18, 2006 –
November 17, 2011
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

complete grabage. 2004


Sewer's X2
His hat's on fire
No raft, he forgot his wallet
Luigi throws like a girl...
3 months after killing bowser...HOLY CRAP, THE PRINCESS!

Think on the bright side...
Oh wait...

3 months later:

1. ) he forgot the princess
2. ) his hat is still on fire ( how is that even possible??? )

lol XDDD

holy shit it goes from tiny to fucking huge


mairio:zzzzzzzz*Suddenly wakes up* HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!

and yet he rembered his hat

But how does Cap Remain On Fire after all that time? And, ... IT'S LUIGI'S FAULT!

Hmm...maybe this enlarge button will... !!!HOLY SHIT IT'S HUGE NOW!!!

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HOLLY CRAP I FORGOT TEH PIRINCESS TOADSTOOL

This is soooo funny! I give this video 100000000/1000000000000



I almost didnt watch becuase of your description this is awsome
you even throuw in mario march 3

bowsers on fire and mario forgot peach hahhahahaha!

Great story but why the name? it hardly adds to the story other than its still on fire after 3 months. oh well.

I forget often/used to forget often, so Mario might as well be me in this video!

people! if it still doesent expand just stop dubble clicking it!

Dis Iz Really Funny!!

Toadsworth comes out of no where!
A raft...HA!

just pure funny,
# months later:
Holy C---
I forgot the Princess!
Just click the enlarge button, you'll be able to see it, and dude, don't sell yourself short, it wasn't garbage, it was bettter than some things I see now.

i click on the thing and the movie is in this small retarded box. is this some kind of shitty joke

click the "expand video" button
thats a good video

the Question is why is it so tiny make it bigger!

Great flash. Hooray 4 fun st00f!

When I saved the swf using Firefox, I saw an easter egg with all this text next to the window. Also, why is the window so tiny?

Anyways, funny animation!

If you didn't notice for some reason the flash's size is extremely small when its not enlarged. Just hit the enlarge button to view the flash. Excellent flash 5/5 10/10

I come here to find a great Flash, even the people say it's brilliant.

I see nothing. Literally nothing. THE FUCKING MOVIE IS GONE!

Son I am dissapoint...

That was jacked up how three months later he remembers that he forgot the princess.THREE MONTHS DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now i have to go back D-':

It was awesome, also I liked your reference to actual Paper Mario games. There is always walking back and forth to do something you forgot to do. Great flash! Keep up the good work!

and its funny first is mario go to find browser next he finds his wallet last he go back to find browser
and it was cooool

if you expand the movie it will help but it was funny

It's just you.

is it me or does everyone in this have bad luck i mean mario gets he's hat on fire bowser get's burned mario forgot about peach and lost he's wallet and luigi well he's a idiot but that's what makes it funny 10/10

lol his hat is still on fire


At the end where Mario suddenly woke up and said "Holy crap I forgot the princess!" I laughed for like five minutes strait!

holy crap i forgot the princess

For all of you guys who think its too small, there's a button which makes the screen bigger in the name balk of the video.

That was painful to watch.

But zoomed in, it was good.

Fix the zoom size, please.

i had to zoom in to 999% (not even joking) but epic enough to still net you a ten star ^-^

So epic dude. I watched it like 5 times!

The voices, spot on.

how is mario,s cap on fire

THAT WAS A PATHETIC THROW LUIGI! *bowser burns* cmon mario lets go home *mario snore* HOLY CR** I FORGORT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!

the best part was at the end when he forgot the princess!

and for evryones information use expand move to view a larger screen

i watched it two times it so good.

this was so funny it made me cry btw holy crap i forgot the princess

Come on Mario lets go home. *snore* HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS! LOLage! I don't know what you meant when you said this was garbage!

Holy Crap i forgot the princess, and my hats still on fire... wait a second...
(house burns down)
But why is the screen small?


HILLARIOUS I Like it Holy Crap I forgot the princess


HOLY CRAP,I FORGEOT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






its to small you can't watch unless you zoom in

This movie would be better if the screen was bigger. Sorry!

GREAT! The end is the best part! on the downside ....... the screen is too small if you don't enlarge it.

Haha, i loved it!
So funny in the end x)

mario goes on a quest to save peach,then mario lost his wallet.whats next?
but still its very funny.10/10


lol @ mario when he was sleep.
luigi screaming.





But the rest of the film is utterly excellent. So, 9/10.

i super ROFLAMOD!!!

the hat of fire prevailed over bowser this day. oh and btw you would think that Mario would be pissed off that Luigi had a blimp the whole time. those lazy jerks. and for anyone whose having problems with the screen size, click the expand movie button at the top right.

mario forgot the freakin' princess

I love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and my favorite part is when he goes back to get his wallet.

took me a while to see, screen was to small. if you have problem, CLICK ON EXPAND MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pink Bob-omb: Should we've told him that his hat is on fire?
Blue Bob-omb: Nah...

ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gg

and his hat was still on fire..... duh end ^^

Hit the Expand button to see it.

"Holy Crap! I forgot the princess!"

that was a really good video

as mhiggins54 said it, the screen is super small... i dont know if this is a glitch, but i know it wasnt always like that, so you might want to look into it dude

the only reason i dont give a ten is because of the fact you had to enlarge the screen to watch


3 favorite bits COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!

3. Luigi, you freaking idiot! what kind of throw was that?
2. His hat was on fire the whole time.

Typical garbage to happen to mario... but why is it the size of a 45x45 icon? i had to enlarge it to watch.

Through an island to find the princess, the walet and then what?

Well done... nice job !

3 Months later... Mario:HOLY CRAP!!! I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!

One of the funniest things I've seen.

"this is brought to you by shroom cakes"
the cake that makes you grow


It was funny, it was well animated.


HOLY CRAP!!! I forgot the Princess!

Holy crap! I forgot the princess! Ha Ha Ha!

what does LMAO mean?

holy crap i forgot the prinsses!!!!!! LMAO

don't you think the screen needs to be a bit bigger, still funny though



but screen kinda small normally

Every bit was funny. You didn't even have a dull moment in it. You basically added a joke every second! Phrases like "Holy crap! I forgot the princess!" and "what kind of freaking throw was that!?" made me chuckle.

One star is missing because you didn't use as much jokes that were more "inappropriate". Swears and blood would have been a nice touch. next time you can top it all off with stuff like that. But I also think this is the key thing that was missing. People who watch Newgrounds flash expect more things that require age restrictions. People tend to cluster watching flash rated Teen and Mature.

But, the amount of stupidity in the characters also provide a good laugh or 100. I'd like you to keep that for future submissions. Making characters stupid makes them do stupid things, such as making mistakes. then you get a laugh out of their failures. Even if you added more characters, that would mean more stupidity, etc., etc.

A person could get a howl out of this! I enjoyed this flash very muck so.

P.S. When I first loaded the page, the flash was very tiny. I had to zoom in a lot to be able to view it. I'm not sure if this is a personal problem just on my computer or if it's a public one worldwide. Check into it.



I liked it but there was a problem. I had to zoom in 1000% to see but it was a cool flash.

His hat was on fire for 3 months! Funny.

it was ok better than what i expected


OH CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock and your awesome!!!!!

As always stay wicked

lol mario forget 2 things:
Wallet, mario thought the jungle for the wallet, thought the desert for wallet, thought the mountains for wallet, thought sewers for wallet... etc
and the other thing was when he kiled bowser, but was on other day...
Mario: zzzzzzzzz... *wakes* ohhh... HOLY CRAP I FORGET PRINCESS!!!

It was some good stuff i tell ya. Long live Mario

x0.5 lives -x2? i forgot my

very nice but the best part is When Mario needed 3 Monts to figure out that he Forgot to save Peach...


5/5-10/10 Hilarious! I loved the part where he had to go back and get his wallet XD Very funny- keep up the good work!


BEST PARTS: where did u come from? er... i was in the tree but thats not the point. thhe point is bowsers on a distant island. HOW AM I SOPOSED TO GET THEAR??? dont worry.. the mshroom kingdom has made a raft. A RAFT??? WHY NOT A BOAT YOU LAZY JERK??? NEXT: A COIN ENTRANCE FEE??? WHAT THE HECK??? next: WHAT THE HECK LUIGI WHAT KIND OF THROW WAS THAT??? final: HOLY KRAP I FROGOT THE PRINCESS!!!

I would make this as a real rating, 100/10
'Holy crap! I forgot the princess!'

its a me mario i like it

defeats bowser 3 months later... zZZzzzzzZzzzzzZZZzzzZZZzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ ZzzZzz HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!

Good flash. Plz put the remix from the end on a flash!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Are ya freaggin kidding me this is one of the gratest mario parody

great storyline.

Holy crap I forgot the princess LOL!!!


that was so funny. (mario) YOU LAZY JERK!!!(toad) better get going Mario.On the raft(mario) LAZY BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mario doesn't need a wallet!

make more please

hahahaha geinus!!! it took him THREE months to remember he forgot the princess!!! mario havent even noticed his hat on fire rofl... (mario sleeps, then wakes up) (mario) HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! funny geinus


IT TOOK HIM 3 months to remember he forgot peach!?!?!?!?!?!?!

3 months later
Mario:ZzZz Holy Crp I forgot The Princess!

3 months later... Im not sure what that says about his sleep hours.


A coin fee, what the heck? Holy Crap i forgot the princes, genious.

I fart by the fun when mario waked up and said " Holy Crap! i forgot the Princess!!"


so funny also mario forgot his memory

you didnt credit my star stealing girl song! Ah well.. this is 3 years old and i dont really give a damn.. funyn flash.. bit long winded tho.




if i can give it a higher rating i will(probaly like a 99999999999999999999999999/10000)this was freikin awesome!!!!!!

hilarious. Mario goes through all that and then he forgets the princess! LOL!!!!




It was super hilarious , you have to make another one , you just have to!!!!!!!!!!


More Win; The perfect formula for internet success.


That's some pretty funny shat right there. I applaud you for your voices. I think that made it a little better than what I mostly see on here. Lawl.
And of course, the last part was the best. Hurray for forgetting the princess. She should burn. Ha ha.

holy crap i forgot the princess lol XD

but none the less, it was good.

Holy crap, I forgot the Princess!!!! That's the funniest part in there, and that was the best place to put it. Excellent, I'm favoriting this. Keep up the good work.



1. "holy crap i forget the princess"
2.marios hat was on fire till the end
3."a raft?build a boat you lazy jerks" lol
best ever plz make more

holy crap i forgot the prinses i lived that



HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahhaha!

"Holy Crap I forgot the princess!" Funny Animation! I laughed through the whole animation but the point is you did great work on it.

I was wondering about the princess then 3 monthes later, he FINALY remembers! lolz

THat was funny 3 months later Forgot the princess lol ...

"screw this!" *Jumps out window* priceless. I fonly you could do that in the game. also what's the name of the song playing when luigi throws the power star to mario

if this does'nt help U,I do'nt know what will...:(
http://www.dan-dare.org/FreeFun/Games /More/PaperMarioWorld.htm

"Holy crap I forgot the princess!" Priceless.

funny funny funny!


did u actully buy flash or did you download it from somewhere? if you downloaded it, can you tell me where plz?

to funny lol rolf

"Holy crap i forgot the princess!"
"Why not a boat you lazy jerk?!"
"A 1 coin enterance fee? What the heck?!?"

Awsome comedy bro ham. 10/10!

great job

That was so funny!


thats funny!

i like

It took 3 MONTHS to remember Peach ROFLMAO

i like how in the end he forgot the princess, and his hat was still on fire! LOL :D

that was funny!!!!!!!!!!

Lol, that was the best mario parody i seen in my life

It was okay, loved the "What kind of friggen throw was that Luigi?!" and at the end "HOLY CRAP! I forgot the Princess!"

Dude that's messed up how mario forget to save the princess!

that was great wate a go make number 2 its good

Lol! 3 mothes later....


How was his hat on fire if he was frozen?...eh idk

lawl at da end

thats what old skool toad shouldve said (holy crap i forgot the princess) it would be good excuse

Mario's Quest to save the princess.... Again....
Holy Crap!! I forgot the princess!!! 10/10

SO FUNNY AT THE END!!! ( i forgot the princess too! )

HOLY CRAP!!! I forgot the princess!

I've seen a video like this called Paper Mario 3
clearly, they've added voice-overs

paper mario is awsome!!!


It was sad Mario did all this hard work, and compleley forgot about the princess. It's also cool how his hat is still on fire 3 months later! :P


At the end was my favorite part. HOWLY KRAP I FORGAWT TEH PRINZESS!

AWESOME end was funniest part

the end was the funnyest thing.

That was just TOO funny.

all i can say is lololololololololololol

Not just funny, that was freakin hilarious

i like how in the end he forgot the princess, and his hat was still on fire! haha

That was AWESOME!


All that and he forgot the princess, boy she makes him go through a lot doesn't she? lol


made me have nostalgic thoughts to back when i used to have thousand year door.

and DarthVader, koopas wear sunglasses in every Paper Mario series... only the enemy koopas though.

Koopas wear sunglasses?

Do an other plz!

truely great vid. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooool!
loved teh endin. twas awesome.


that was really funny especially when he GETS the hat

Reminds me of how forgetful i am...

10 all the way
Loved the music too

espacilly since that would be the last time she'd need a rescue. Ok, who am I kidding? someone else would kidnap her eventually.

The ending made it all worth while

to funny!

I was only going to give u a 8/10 until i saw the ending. I laughed my freaking ass off. 10/10 great job

one of the funny thing mario said was "DAMMIT LUIGI WHAT KIND OF A FREAKING THROW WAS THAT" but the funniest was when mario forgot the princess

This should have a sequel to it!Great work!

how stupid is mario , he forgot of the princess X_X , why? is because luigi the super stupid XD, but is really crazy i din't know that the fire don't kill mario and the fire kill bowser , and bowser use fire , well finally where is keep the princess?

that was funny, try making a sequel, i'm convinsed about you can do it yust as good as this, keep up the good work, this is getting full rating from me


That`s the most funniest thing I ever seen on Newgrounds!Great Job!

fantastic flsh but does mario ever get peach back lol

how could you forget her!

HOLY CRAP A FORGOT THE PRINCESS! good work on going through jungle dessert and all that stuff. Loved the entrance fee thing too :D

best ending i've seen in a while! hilarious

sssssssoooooooooooooooooooo funny holy crap i forgot the princes

super coooooooooool dude



just so darn epic! ;D

Holy crap!! I forgot the princess!!! LOL!!!!!

Holy crap i forgot the princess! xD

All here was wonderful the so much funny is mario "3 months later... Mario:holy crap i forgot the princess!" that was so funny!

classic humor+current language=total awesomeness

uhhhhhhhhhhh yea lets go with that :D

3 months later... "holy crap i forgot the princess!" that was so funny!

The best part was, "Three months later." and mario says, "Holy Crap I forgot the princess!"

is a bitch dude

"Holy crap! I forgot the Princess"! That had to be the best part.

funny moment: Mario: *gets ready to fight*.... "SCREW THIS!!!!!!" *jumps out window* another funny moment: *snoring noises* "HOLY CRAP!! I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!" *cool music and credits play* (yes i like teh music

keep makin more lol what kind of throw was that! >:-(

make more

This was one of the first flashes I ever saw, it's so funny!


Oh crap i dropped my wallet!

holy crud, i forgot the prinsess!

just thinking about this movie makes me laugh!

that was so F***ing funny

This was just plain hilarious! I don't know how many times I've watched this, and every time I see myself laughing in the mirror! I especially loved the "Luigi you freakin idiot! What kind of throw was that?", and after that single line, I was laughing hard. Too hard. The animation great, and the story was just plain hilarious! Keep what you do up!

but the only thing i dont get is he gets frozen 3times and his hats still on fire?


Luigi you freaky idiot!!!! hahahahaaha

Holy Crap I Forgot The Princess!!! :D

if the hat set bowser on fire how did he get the back

Luigi your freking idiot!! What kind of throw was that!!! LOL! XD!


Loved this movie! Loved the part where he has to come back for his wallet and them go all the way again for the princess! And I loved the "Bowser died, BTW" LOL
So funny!

lol that was so funny!!!!!!!!

im going to fav this



hahaha they give him a raft and he calls the toads lazy bastards. this flash OWNS. HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS! lol mario is dumb in this flash. 100/10 50/5

I loved this because it reminds us of that time in our lives when we forgot a princess in a castle for 3 months and when our hats lit on fire. LOL

THIS MOVIE IS LOL! I loved it when he said SCREW THIS and jumped out the window!

This os NOT garbage! It's great! Pleez make more videos.

One of the best things i have ever seen on NG!

My favourite parts had to be the sewers and the fact it took Mario 3 months to remember. Lol!

This is wonderful, the music, the sound effects, the voices, all completely awesome! This is an amazing piece of work. No suggestions, perfect as is.

Really, it's just awesome.

10 out of 10 bra

This is awesome dude!

Lol that was hilarious not to mention,"HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!" i think that was the best part!

Holy Crap I forgot the princess!

Good work on making it! Are you going to make anouther one?

Ah, now THIS would make a better sequel to the first two Paper Marios...instead we got Super paper mario. and theres nothin super about it. Very funny yall! Hey, hey!

Why didn't the mushroom guys build him a boat?? It was funny though!!

I Loved it. Funny Story, Clever Humor, its what comedy is all about!!!!!!!

hahahaha exelent!!!!

you think by now they should have figured out they need to beef up their security if Bowser keeps walking in and kidnapping peach. Where r they? the toadstool donut shop?

very funny video you made nice job!

HOLY CRAP! hE forgot the princess!
but Why dif luigi forget? hmmmm...

it was very fun and ..... WTH!


they give mario a raft,But they give luigi a Blimp?! Mario, you my friend,Have been swred! Peach should learn how 2 defend herself,u think by know she would....
Awsome vid ! 10 out of 10! :3

lol ok that was funny.
"holy crap i forgot the princess!"

great job and awsome movie!lol ending!

Funny the drawings are really looking like Paper Mario :) 9/10
What is the music at the end when Luigi launch the star to Mario ... I've heard this song in an RPG Maker game but I dunno where this come from ...

its was alright but the very end made it all worth it lol. Holy crap I forgot the princess! hahahaaha priceless


LOL, this is probably one of the funniest videos EVAAAA!!!!!

The old one had some pretty good jokes in it, so it was a good idea to remake it. This time you had actual voice acting, nice animation, and better humour so I thought it was really good.

This is so funny!!! "Why am I here again?" "HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!"

it is good good part is 3 months later *snore* HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS

I can't stop laughing. 3 months later that hat is still burning !! Perfect!! awesome.
You really have talent to find absurd facts in games. Those are the funniest jokes.

-why don't you save her for once?
-because you always save her
-... that's a good point (who could disagree with that logic)

-where did you come from?
-I was on the tree but that's not the point (that explains why people appears from everywhere in any moment)

Why did i come here again ? .. .. Oh yea !

life x -2 ?

Holly Crap I forgot the princes !!! ( Me too o_o||| )

jajaj you should make more like this one.

that was funny and the fact that marios hat was on fire the whole time but i=his hat was not on fire when he was frozen. laws of physics???

I laughed the most at the end because I forgot about the princess too!

narrator:mario forgot the princess and set out again to find her
mario:well she's dead, bowser's dead, luigi's probably being stupid... you know wat screw this!!!!
toad: MARIO"S DEAD!!!!!
luigi: ...
toad: u ok?

the end

i liked a lot this cartoon

my favorite mario sayings are

crap! I droped my wallet

screw this!! and


they were all funny lol


great video man, great video.

it may have had some flaws but loved it none the less

LOLed there

Great Mario story good job!........Did anyone tell him his hat is still on fire...lol

holy crap i forgot the princess!

This is the best Paper Mario spoof I've seen yet! It has a good picture, good voices, and great music! It's funny, original, and has a halarious ending! :D

I almost cried laughing.

That was brilliant!
I was laughing for ages after the lugi throwing part! XD
Best mario spoof i've ever seen!

LMAO XD Best line so far!!
Including "Luigi! You freakin' idiot! What kind of a throw was that?!"

Pure win. That was awesome!

Okay, so I saw the first version and I think that a voice anutor will be here becouse I hate reading subtitles. You did that. BTW, your grapics was WAY more better, however you've change the script a bit...

Sounds and stuff were awsome. I liked the "Mario 2 cover" and "Mario World March 3".

And i'll like to write this: you both aren't "Luigi, you freakin idiot! what kind of a throw was that?!"...


Luigi you freakin idiot! what kind of a throw was that?!

"oh my god! I forgot the princess!"
lol. this was the best video I've saw today

If Mario was frozen in a block of ice, how was his hat still on fire?

luigi you frikin idot what kind of throw was that

This video rocks!


that was the best part!

best joke in the world


Punchline of the century!

I like the show.Not only that,I also like these flowings:
Paper Mario:The Thousand-Year Door
Super Paper Mario

Yeah,I totally like these.........

lol that was awesome, loved it, the princess prob turnd to bones lol. been 3 months no one there she died of hunger, poor peach


almost perfect but really nice........
animations excellent and music just great.......
maybe the improve is that it goes very slow the animation......
but besides that its GREAT!!!!!
keep doing this things.............

You must really make the sequel for this animation.
"oh no I forgot the princess":D

I love this!
Please make a sequel!

need i say more? :p

holy crap i forgot the prencesess

make a sequel

I loved this vid! I wish someone would make a vid like this one about Luigi. I bet someone did and i just can't find it. lol!

holy crap i forgot the princess lol +luigi you freakin idiot what kind of throw was that? and crap i drop my wallet lol

this was awsum! hahaha nice job btw "holy crap i forgot the princess" hahahahhaha :D awsum!

lol at the end "holy crap i forgot the princess" LOL

That was good.

luigi you freakin idiot what kind of throw was that? crap! i dropped my wallet! hehehehehhehehehehe :P

that was so funny man

luigi you freakin idiot, what kind of throw was that? LOL wholy crap i forgot the princess! LOL!!!!!!!! SCREW THIS!~!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!! btw what was that see-thru thing in the sewers? the one that mario surfed on .......(LOLOL!!!)?

the voice acting was great


dude that was the best thing ever!!!!!!!1!!1!

First Reason: The Story
Second Reason: The End
Third Reason: [3 Months later] Mario: HOLY CRAP! I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!

Is this enough?

lol 3 months later HOLY CRAP I forgot the princess!

very good graphycs and colors
bowser was specialy better

i loved it. i hoped that you would make another one


Awesome job! This is one I'll definetly put in my favorites!

A nice little gem for the Paper Mario collection infact I only wished this was a collection.
Come on you need to make more! The time for it has come to have its own apartment.
The graphics blend in just as much as the audio.
Surperb quality nice job!

loved it! OMGLOL! :-)

lol lol lol lol

LOL this ios one of my favorite vids ever!

The graphics weren't the best, but the jokes made up for it.

funny dude funny

Eh? It was ok I suppose. The voice acting really didn't help, but I doubt it was the voice actor's fault. I really think that the script was a whole bunch of meh with a lazy animation effort to put the nail in the coffin of this big stinking pile of mediocrity. You get a six. Decent drawing did nothing to save the poor script, plot, and animation.

Mario could not get any better than this! Thank you to matt bendo, you are truly the greatest! Horaay!

U did ok

HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS! you should make a sequal

lol this is very very very good! and very funny

LOL HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ROFL

i love mario videos!
This one is no exception. Awesome music!

ine werd funny

That was funny! "Holy crap I forgot the princess!' LoL!

"crap i forgot the princess!" lol!P.S. plz delete this soon.Ilike to do 2nd reviews

nice short man that was good

i did wander about the princess

Best quote I've ever seen is the Holy Crap I forgot the Princess!
I kidna wonder what would happen if he did forget her in a game.


lol this was perfection.

LOL,Holy crap i forgot the princess!!!


That was funny. Make another.:-)
Mario got screwed over by bombombs

omfg this is just such a random movie. wat u should do is make a nother ending where he doesnt have a coin in his wallet. wat he does to get one.

This is hilarious.

In paper mario ttyd thats all you do, go back and forth.

But this is awesome!

Excellent animation, truly amazing.

This thing is just simply funny!

Absolutly awesome!"Holy Crap I forgot the princess!XD


This was hilarious!

All the voices (Except Bowser) Were dead-on and excellent. You should really make more things like this~! 8D

could use better graphics though

he went threw all dat and 4got da princess! lol i does he go get the princess?

great vid on mario! make another about where he has to go find the princess and bring her back to the island but bowser is not dead . mario has to beat bowser and rescue peach

hi im new here btw and this is so bloody funny 5/5 10/10

Luigi throws like crap! and After all that, he forgot the princess!

Fast, flowing and funny as hell. 9/10

I almost lost control of my bowels when he goes through everything 3 times then goes through all that pain just to forget about saving the princess!

this movie was awsome the shit

wen mario forgot the prinses I allmost died lafing!

Frkn hilarious! it makes it better for the fact that i like mario!!!


lol those lazy basterds

OMG I ALMOST WET MY PANTS YOU ROCK OUT LOUD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HE FORGOT THE PRINCESS! nice and funneh

HOLY CRAP!he forgot the princess!!!!!
priceless and nice animation by the way

Why no voice for the lkazy bastards and the 2 bomb-ombs at the beggining when mario was knocked out on the beach they sounded like they were humping each other any ways FUNNY

that was freaking priceless


though the animation movements were
a bit choppy.

he took 3 months looking for peach and lost 4 lives getting his wallet and then forgot her. that deserves a 10/10

the only reason i give it a 9 is because the animation was just one picture only moved arms and stuff...other than that it was great

I like the end!


Great plot, the voices actually sound like mario and luigi and extremely funny. This movie gets a 10/10. Keep Making More.

The scene on the raft, Mario having to go through all of those areas 3 times and then realizing after three months he forgot the princess were the best parts of this movie. Awesome job man!!

it took him 3 mnths to realise he frgt peach? wow mario is stupid in this flash 10/10 5/5

you should make a tribute

an awesome movie! Seriously, this is great. You shouldmake more flashes like this.

crap i forgot the prinses

I forgot the princess!

I already watched this one a billion times when I was younger, but just remembered to write a review now. great job

that was funny whenmario said lazy basterds and holy crap i forgot the princess and why dont you save her for once chuse you do good point. ahahahahahahahaha XD

"because you always save her"

ha, never get tired of that.

I think this is a great flash, the voices were really great and overall it was really funny XD

This was so funny! The voices were great too. This video should be in a series! Overall: Sweet!

Mario the princess has been kidnapped again:P lmao

My fav quote is "Because you always save her," by Luigi.

Cant *gasp* Breath......*GASP* laughing to harrrrrd.............................
*Sirens*....... *Flatline*

"A raft?!? Why not a boat, you lazy jerks?!?"

This is good. One of the better Mario tributes out there. Everyone... have your friends watch this. NOW!!!

You made paper funny LOLOL!!


HOLY CRAP i forgot the princes :p lmao rofl

holy crap i forgot the princess was priceless

luigy jou freaking idiot wat kind of trow was that

yea lets go with dat

OMFG "holy crap i forgot the princess!' and now i know why you called i "the hat of fire" AWESOME 10 AND I RATED THE SUBMISSION 5 JUST AWESOME

HOLY CRAP I forgot the princess!!! omg I almost peed my pants!

I was pretty clueless 2 y that was there... i mean... i loved it! (I added it 2 my faves!) but it was really well drawn and animated, and was damn funny. If u ever find time, mayB make a sequel.

*Voted 5*

I was in a tree but never mind that


but really awesome garbage!


Toadsworth: The mushroom kingdom has built you a great raft.
Mario: A RAFT!? Why not a BOAT you lazy jerk!


rull cool

it was all funny, but i thought it was REALLY funny when he lost his wallet >.>
this was what made me cry though xD:
3 months later... "Holy crap! I forgot the princess!"

its cool but i dont like the other one that they copyed

This thing should have perfect 10's. Who's the jerk-wad(s) that gave this a 9?

>XD this was funny all the way through LUIGI YOU FREAKIN IDIOT WHAT KINDA THROW WAS THAT? and he never even knew his hat was on fire.. lol

My sides hurt due to epic lulz that came from this vid.
Ima going to take legal action,

Holly crap that was funny it was so funny i did the spit take when i was drinking my soda!

Holy crap I forgot the princess! Fu**in' hilarious!

It was great, but how long does toadsworth stay in that tree before he comes down?

BTW, what happened to the princess?



holy crap i forgot the princess

awsome funny beast damn fid ever

That was funny as hell, looked well like paper mario people. cant believe he forgot the princess

HOLY CRAP, I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!! that was awsome

Wow man did you draw that yourself? That was fricken amazing...

You are great at this. You took the easy way oout by making this and it turned out awesome

Ha! I love this vid! It's f*cking funny!!!!!

i laugh too much be'cuz this!! my stomack explode!!!!
good flash!!

1 dollar (coin) entrance fee... hilarious. I wish you could jump through the windows in the actual paper Mario games...

lol! funny

I love this move make a new one i love the ending.....HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS....Oh well

I #$%@ my pants laughing. MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved this! "Holy crap I forgot the princess!" Make more!

This is one of my fav movies on NG! Me and my friend act out the parts to this..it's that good totally not complete garbage. HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!

1.mario hade fire hat on but bowser died with it on 2.his hat was on fire for 3 months 3.after 3 months he just rememberd he forogt the princess

what was i writing again


It wuz ok i guess...

nice you got 5 keep up the good work

It was the best Paper Mario thingy ever!
-3 months later-
Holy crap I forgot the Princess!!!
I loved the voices and whoever did em did a good job.
Keep it up manz!!!!!

holy shit that was awesome i forgot the princess one coin entrance fee awesome work

Go PM!

1 coin entrance fee that
was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this was amazing
plz make more

It was sooooo funny!

Mario had 2 use a raft but luigi can take a balloon


what do u mean complete grabage?

you are one of the few who amuse me with them videos. that was one of the greatest movies i've ever watched. you haven't forgotten any important things from it. you have the skill.

Is the god of animations

jajajajajaja this make laught a lot sure man you have to do more of this
mario is awesome


HOLY CRAP! I forgot the princess!!!!
that there was what i needed to cheer me up...
GOOD COMEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha poor peach it was funny when mario was sent on a quest for his walet

Good jokes, the - lives made me laugh.
the bob-ombs could have used voice actors and bowsers voice actor was pretty bad but it is still one of my favorite flashes.

dam loved da part where luigi threw da star at mario n missed way off...

Very good,oh crap,i forgot the princess.

holy crap that was awosom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hehe I loved the part where he goes three times through the same course.

"Holy crap I forgot the Princess!"
Pure win.

Nice ending (the rest was cool too!!!)
Mario was very funny@@

A hilarious Flash video jam-packed with spelling errors, fair voice-acting, and a hysterical plotline.

that was hilarous

mario didnt even realize his hat was on fire and he didnt even burnt to death

that...was...awesome! loved the part w/ his wallet!

I really enjoyed the whole entire movie, but while he was walking throughout the icy mountains, how did his hat still catch on fire anyways? Kind of like wielding the standard Olympic torch, if you know what I mean. Anyways, great job on making Paper Mario look just like the real deal like the video game version.

[P. S. - I knew I had a funny feeling Mario forgot about Peach when Luigi told them to go back home right away. Three months? Wow, that's a very, very long time. I'm amazed they haven't figured it out quite yet.]

Good voice acting too, on Mario's part. ^_^

that was so funny you should make a sequal where he finds the princess but instead of paper mario you should do it like super mario sunshine

omg that was so funny! nice job,cant wait to see more of your work!

This was very funny should make one about Luigi and Daisy.

EXCELLENT AUDIO, EXCELLENT FLASH!! rotflolz luigi missed! But uhhh...... what's btw?

THe luigi shoiuting was in luigis mansion

HOLY S***!!!!!!! I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Classic! It has a smooth animation and great humor. Keep it up!

((Who the heck forgets to do something after three months...holy crap))

aww yea dude u shouldve made mario say my roflcopter goes soi soi soi ect. but wutev idk randomness

nice job dude 10/10

very gd!

book marked

ROFL, "Holy crap I forgot the princess!!!!"

i see 10/10

The animations are cool.
And it's funny as well.

ah crap I forgot the princess. LOL XD

Only one of the flash gods could do this I will put this as my favorie just to know XD
10/10 5/5

lmfao hilarious plus amazing voice actin never heard a better one


excellent animation!
I felt some parts just seemed to be kinda slow for animation, but it was very good!

That was definately the best part!
good work!

Oh crap i forgot the princess. LOL

like the guy below me said 'holy crap i forgot my wallet' lol. make more please

"Ah crap, i forgot my wallet" hilarious!


Excellent drawing, lots of humour (the messed up life and Luigi that throws bad the star), good voices!
I admit that's awesome!

great drawling and voice acting dude

i forgot the princess haha priceless

And by law, as a fan of the Paper Mario franchise, I am obligated to love this video!

lol that roxxorz!

this was so funny like when mario went to bowsers castle and he didnt have his wallet with him so he had to go back to where he arrived on the island then he forgot what he was doing hahahahahahaha...anyways... mario looks just like paper mario in the paper mario series, good art on mario 10/10 son 10/10

The video was pretty good but when you put "Star Stealing Girl" in there, I was a little thrown off, it kind of sounds out of place. I mean I get that its a pun on the whole Star thing, but it was just so sudden; seems like you should have just put some sort of star-theme remix or something in there to keep the continuity of the Mario theme. Other than that it was really good, nice animation, nice art. Good job.

The movie was sooo goood!!!!! and at the end mario made me laugh so hard he said he forgot the princess lol!!!! =D Great dude

i don't care weather you think it's garbage or not, this deserves front page if it didn't get it! great comedy, great story (or not, me no cares), and a terrific flash!

it was funny when the bomb thing said but thats mario

This movie is so good I cant describe it so I will just have to say the simple word lol

holy crap i forgot the princess! pure genius man.

man how can u NOT luv dis? tell me

The funny part is when he dropped his wallet and forgot to bring Peach.

This is one of my favorite videos

Hell yeah

This is the best flash movie that I had seen in my life!!!!!
The Mario & Luigi voice are similar from the original voices.

rescuedudez is right after 3 months holy crap i forgot the princess rofl


LMAO ROFL LOL Mario: (goes to sleep) (Wakes up) HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS! lol

That was beautiful. But why did you call it Paper Mario it had no scenes of him doing the stuff paper mario is able to do? WHY WHY WHY?

He forgot the princess lol.

lmao that was awesome... great job... though i wonder if mario really FORGOT the princess =p

HE FORGOT THE PRINCESS! lol.. fun stuff.. yet... when he was frozen.. his hat wasn't on fire... but after that it was... VIDEO GAMES ROCK! lol

ecpecialy Holly crAP I FORGOT THE PRINCES and when luigi misses luigi u idiot! how u expect me to catch that!?

I just started with flash, and this is one of the best I've ever seen. Very Funny too.


hehehe i liked the end 'HOLY CRAP< i forgot the princess !!!'

cool dude
especially last part,
"holy crap, i forgot the princess"
ha ha

you should make more of these things based on super paper mario.

so good!! This is sooooooo funny!! There are no problems or things I think you should fix! This one is definitely better than your other one!!!

"Luigi you freekin idiot" so funny

Wow, that was great. ...It's hard to imagine what mario would sound like when speaking in full sentances, but that was a great impression.

probably needs to be rated teen. funny though.

.. and mario started his search for his wallet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
hahahahahahsahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahaha

ive not laughed so much in AGES!!!!! great animation man. OH C***, I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!! LMFAO!!!!

Absolutely Hilarious!

Its the best paper mario parody, great animation

this toon has made a parody funny without making fun of its main elements and thats what catches attention! i wish more parodys were like this!


I knew Mario forgot Princess Peach when he got on the... blimp?

swwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

mario has a wallet?

i watched this a lot of times lol

Funny stuff. I wonder how Peach is doing?lol

Dude i Love this Its Awsome!!! Also Nice Graphics and Storyline and The Ending Made Me LOL For a While

I think it would be funnier if you had a fire flower included at sometime.besides that i think it was great the graphics and all that good stuff. Though luigi looked a little off. He might have been on crack. JKJK. really that is funny shit right there!!! OH CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Graphics, sound, voice, and story were all done extremely well. The comedy was really funny to. I just didnt understand some parts though. Like when Mario's hat was on fire, why didnt the fire go out when he got frozen those 3 times, or when it did'nt go out in the sewers when Mario got in that nasty sewage. And why did Bowser start buring and not Mario the whole time? Oh well. It does'nt matter. I loved this and im a Paper Mario fan.


at the end he forgot the princess and so did i

Lol, nice ending, but how did mario get frozen 3 times without the the fire on his hat going out?

that was pretty good

One of the best animated flashes I've seen on this site. 10/10

I forgot the Princess!

WHY DID HE FORGET AFTER ALL OF THAT!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????

cool cool COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!! luigi you freaking idiot what the hell was that

DUDE that was so fricken funny holy crap i forgot the princess LOL
y`know what i wonder what did happen to the princess????

thats great!

'Holy crap, i forgot the princess'


``Holy crap, I forgot the princess!``
!!!!!!!!!Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was funny and I liked the ending music.

hehehe, these reviews are priceless. 90% are saying "lol he forgot the peach, how could he do that? HOW? HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", and most of these reviewers joined VERY recently. the flash was VERY average. it was good, just nothing special. the wallet gag was horribly drawn out. nothing else to say, but good job.

i cant belive that he forgot the peach that was funny

i liked it
it was fukkin cool.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! lol Can't stop

The wallet thing was like this: Random Guy: (laughing) 1 day later.. (laughing) (record scratch) (hiss) Crap...

TRuly the first good paper mario flash besides, well paper mario.

oP.s. Try to be more consistant with sounds and subtitles.
(xsorry its my Perfectionism)

You are aweosme. voices were funny. characters were well desgined and animations fluid. i wont comment on creativity. not becuae it istn. but i believe in one principle wich is universal and true. There exist 7 ideas. everything else is just a variation of it.

Mario kill Bowser imposible LOL

3 MONTHS LATER Zzzzzzzz HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!! LMAO That waz awesome! ..If you create more ill give you chocolate ><

Holly crap i forgot the princess

"why dont u save her for once?" "cos u save her" "good point..."
"a raft?? why not a boat" (later) "lazy bastards!!!"
"i know what will wake him" kaplow
and much much more that was funny (idont feel like writing every thing!!!!!)

gotcha! why would i dislike such a masterpiece of mario? lol

voice 1: is he ok
voice 2: of course he is he's mario
voice 1: he's not moving
voice 2:yeah but he's mario
voice 1: he's not breathing
voice 2: dont worry i know wat'll wake him up
*match lighten*

"holy crap i forgot the princess"

holy *!%3# this video rocks out loud!

I love the fact that mario forgot peach awesome job so funny hahahahahah

you know thats prolly the funniest mario parody ive ever seen really fucking funny it made me laugh out loud

I liked the voices a lot! They were good, I think.

Very good! One of the few videos where I actually laughed out loud.

the best part was "holy crap i forgot the prinsess" lol funny

5/5 10/10 The Breakdown.

Creativity:8/10. There are over 1000 mario flash things on newgrounds, over 20 of which are paper mario.
Funny:15/10. "Holy crap! I forgot the princess!" BD
Music:9/10. Too little, or I'm suffering short-term memory lo- what was I doing?
Concept:10/10. Princess saving.
Quality:7/10. Paper?
Overall:49/50. Yes, you were off by 1 point.


AMAZING!! i luv mario but that was just funny!! PEACH IS SUCH A LOSER! for once does she ever NOT get kidnapped....10 THUMBS UP and a nice little 5 for you!!

"Luigi! You freaking idiot! What kind of throw was that?!" lol

lol, your animation of paper was good and the voice acting was great also.

Very funny, but surely it wouldn't take him that long, he's got a picture next to his bed of her? Mind you, Mario always has been stupid, so he probably would.

man mario is dumb nice video man!!

sweet video that was hilarious

nice video its very funny

best mario spoof ever!!!! great grafics and the voice ppl sounde pretty much the same as th accual charactr cept bowser. And it was funny.

OMG Mario is wasteing time and he has to go there so far and come back and the Princess Peach , Mario forgot her in 1 month, she might be dead by not eating much.

nice video, really funny, made me laugh for 5 min after the vid ended!


snoring"holy crap i forgot the princess" she s probably dead "more snoring"
nice movie

i hate those type of games where you go back and forth between levels
good job anyway

holy c**p i forgot my walit ...... meh omg yr good at it wy any one

good movie. real funy. keep it up.

same as what they said.

haha it was hella funny he droped his wallet and forgot the princess

this movie is hilarios. nice movie

by the end the princess might be already dead LOL :D

nice. but, if this is paper mario, why didn't he light on fire?

It was really funny. Man mario is getting really forgetful in his old age.

Dude, I think that you should go fuck a monkey.

3 months later "HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS" freakin awsome man. and can any1 pm me the credits song, i really wanna know it

Very nice comedy and the fact that the voices matches Mario and Luigi's real voices so well. The last line was hilarious. I forgot all about her too.

that was freakin sweet beest line was: "Holy crap! i forgot to save the princess!"


At first I thought it would suck (as in, it was kind of boring at first, as well as a bit cliched), but then about halfway through it really got good with the wallet thing! Hmm...4/5, or 9/10. Your pick!

Only real complaint is that, well, it is kind of cliched, but it's still funny overall. Guess you can't beat the classics sometimes, huh?

funniest shit ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!
!!!!i was wondering about the princess.

i just about wet my pants!!! great work!! i agree kamesakke the bowser jr. idea is great!! lol

i luved the ending XDDDDDD you should make a sequil that shows him doing stuff trieing to rescue the princess from bowser JR. that might be odd yet funny

that was ok not great just ok

i wot give it 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000

tat was awsome!!!

the ending was great its very funny ''O crap i forgot the princess''

the ending was great. but still not the funniest ever

Funny ass hell, the ending was great.


Great humor! Ending was funny and the voice acting was good.

HOLY crap!! lol endin was funny as hell


omg i loved the ending

Errr...reminds me ML:SS ^_^ nice job!!! Like it hehehe!

sweet i luv paper mario =^)

mario you forgot to grab the princess you freaken idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luigi must be a feaken idiot, he had a star and balloon and he didn't think once to help mario? LOl

"HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!" That line is the best one in the movie, Make more stuff for the sake of me :')

FREAKIN AWESOME! Keep making movies, please for the love of Tom Fulp, keep making movies!


"I was in the tree, but thats not the point" LOL!

That was hilarious!! "HOLY CRAP! I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!" :P


That's funny man!

no princess? lol awesome

That was one of the best mario flashes ive ever seen. Just a few questions though. Is mario fireproof? cause when the hat flew on bowser he burst into flames and how did you make the voices? just curious :)

"Holy crap, I forgot the princess!"

That's just fuckin' hillarious!

Niiice. Paper Mario is awesome and is even awesomer (yes I know that isn't a word) in this. Wheee!

I love the humor in this, well it was manly humorous so I love all of it. Great work, keep up the work (if you want to).

Bitching, The voices were pretty damn good too! HA! Good stuff man.

It was very funny "HOLY CRAP I FORGOIT THE PRINCESS!!!!!!" LOL

You R A genius!!! LOL



Your the master of comedy!

`holy crap i forgot the princess!` lolololololol brilliant ending stupid luigi shitty thrower he is nice work bendo and nintendo ninja

I LOOOVED the animation and voice work it was all very well done.

I loved it....it was funny...but the world thing was sorta repetetive...
liked when he missed the star and is all "Luigi!You freaking idiot!What kind of a throw was that?"
10/10 man,10/10

Holy **** I forgot the princess lol
+Great animation
+Great Voice acting
+One of the funneist flashes yet
-could be longer
-draged on a bit when he was going trough 4 worlds 3 times..

that was funy at the end

holy crap i forgot the princess lol

some thimg arenmt right example:mario's hat is on fire even after he got ferezed then must fire go out... zo ifyou wouldt did that u would get a 9

The whole thing is funny in a comedy of errors fashion. Good job!

why did he forget the princess and are you making another flash for mario?

Kinda funny, and the story pwnd :]


I remember I used to whatch this all the time and lmao'd every time I watched it. I thought the animation was amazing and everything about it was amazing. But looking back on it, it isn't that great. I barely even cracked a smile. The animation was just a bunch of slow tweens, making it look like they're floating. The "lip syncing" is just a looping movie clip. Near the end you got sloppy with that and forgot to stop it sometimes. I think using tweens instead of fbf makes it look like you traced it, but bowser was very obviously not traced. You also had the screen blank when he was opening the door to bowsers forretress, putting the coin wherever he had to put it and going through his pockets so you didnt have to animate that. But the voice the voice acting was amazing I must add (except for bowser of course.:P). Over all, I guess It's an above average (considering all the crap we have in the portal.) And you get extra points because paper mario 1&2 are some of my favorite video games.

that was one of the funniest mario Parodies i have seen. Keep up the good work man. and i can't belive that mario forgot his wallet where he started then had to travel all the way back again just to forget the princess.

Man this funny, way to go ! The animation was very good. I can't believe it took Mario that to remember to forget the Princess.

The flash was great and fantastic, but what made is better was like Velnox's review... the audio.

It was funny, but the audio is what enhanced it.

hilarious man i hope u make more like this 10/10

Ha that was funny. The ending was hilarious. Viva paper Mario!!!!

I may love Paper Mario THOF, but you mis-rated your movie. About half of it is full of swearing, and you didn't rate that. NG should get to buff you out for that. good movie though, gr8 work

what's the names of the songs?

Dude that was one of the best movies ive seen on newgrounds



I loved that ending!

Not Bad! A Good Animation. Very Clever! I Like it. You animators really are intelligent.

I like that Mario forgot the princess in the end. So funny! Keep up the good work!

dude mario was funny "dammit luigi"

Lol, he went through all of that and forgot the princess and he STILL hasnt noticed that his hat is on fire... Very funny, make more!

This is really good and funny.

the mario yell was from luigi's mansion

You used mouthloops from Bonus Stage. Not cool.

Lol really nice

Wallets, Hats, Princesses, Koopa Armies, Luigi, and Bowser... Sometimes you gotta ask yourself, why the hell does Mario take this shit? 4 out of 5

lol great ending

xlongo has a point about charcters talking but i think you pulled it off but bowser wasnt very convincing but overall its a 10!

i still find it hard to let mario talk haha. its just not his style. very very nice animation though the characters looked very authentic, they were just a bit tight when they moved but shit i couldnt do nearly as well in my position :P well done again and keep it up

holy Crap i forgot the princes!
very nice.

the voice acting was perfect, the music was exelent, and the story was good
keep up the good work

Great voices. Flawless art style. Funny plot. The title of this review says it all.

Interesting ending & twist at the moddile of the movie. Voice acting for Mario and Luigi was good, but the others were so-so. And finally, Nice animation overall.

10/10 this ROCKS it makes me L.O.L. keep up the good work.....

I liked the ending, hehe

Awesome stuff! Loved it.
Only >criticism<: When hes going through the jungle/blizzard/sewers, the.. er.. well, its just not done as well as the rest of the movie. It looks a little dodgy and badly made. BUT -- Overall, the movie was awesome. Keep it up. ;)

I forgot the princess!! lmao, dude, lmao.

HOLY CRAP I forgot the princes!!!

lol...and-Luigi you freakin idiot what kind of throw was that!!?

Holy crap I forgot the Princess! That's an instant classic! Great job!


That was freekin hilarious, btw were can i get some of those songs?

The ending was soo funny

That so Rocked out loud. And great graphics too!!!

****ING HILARIOUS!keep it up,make a sequel where he goes back to rescue the princess again or somthing...

"Holy Crap i forgot the princess!" Classic.Just Classic.and funny also!

I totally called that ending. lol.

the ending was the most awesome ending of anything ive ever seen!!!

This was hilarious!! I loved it! >.<
I hope you do a sequel!! haha
"Holy Crap! i forgot the princess!"

IT s funny XD

That Was Absouloutley Brilliant & Funny Especially 3 Months After Visiting The Castle He Remembered! "Holy Crap I Forgot The Princess"

Holy Crap! I forgot the princess!

that was funny AND I MEAN IT!!!!!!

111111111 (thumbs up)
great job u rock at this

Wow this is one of the best flashes I've ever seen!!! You actually make them talk!!!

wot da hell happend to da princess

after the bit where lugi brings down the lader i knew he would forget the princess lol but this was awsome i help there's more stuff like this to come

the most radical mario pardoy ever.if i was going to make a mario game,the plot will be the same but a bit different,like if mario don't get the world stars in time,he might die.one question,will our hero get to the bottom of the meyhem,and at last save the mushroom kingdom???to be contuned.(if you are going to make a sequel,give mario specal wildfire action powers.)

Awesome man! Great use of comedy right here!

"Holy crap, i forgot the princess!" nice one! best mario parody yet!

I love it! hope you make more of these!!

i've seen this before... but not in your verson try not to copy other peoples movies

this has the word bastared in it. this is for teens

It's a very good movie, much better than your last version, I'm rating it 5!

"Holy crap I forgot the princess!" lol. I really like this movie, but some parts get a bit monotonous.

That was probably one of the best flash I have ever seen.
Seriously. Well, actually I have pretty low standards.
Luigi, you freaking idiot! What kind of throw was that?

Lol that was funny!
A RAFT!?! Why not a boat you lazy jerk?!?!
Luigi you freaking idiot! what kind of throw was that!

Even though the whole Hat of Fire thing didn't make sense, it was still funny. Good job! :)

Wow, this was the funnies thing ive seen in a while.. a 1 coin entrance fee! What the heck!!! *throught the swere to get his wallet* What was i her for again? *Thwonk* OH YEAH! 3 months later... HOLY CRAP I FORGOT DE PRINCESS!! lol your a great animator and btw Nintendo Rulez!! xD

its bob omb k

..HOLY CRAP MARIO FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!! anyway, i got a question: when mario was frozen, the flame has gone. how did it turn back on? doesnt matter, it was funny.

i did with this movie: vote 5, review vote 10, added to favorites.


This is so funny!!!

holy crap i forgot the princess!

The voice for everyone was good, except for bowser, and you used the record scratch too much. Other than that, I liked it.

good animation and good voice acting.

loved the montages!

cause even rocky had a montage, montage!

OMG THE WAS SO HALLARIOS keep up the good work ;D

that was great.

Hilarious!!! I love Paper mario and this was very, very, VERY funny. oh and
"What the hell Luigi, what kind of freaking throw was that!" LOLZ

I loved the graphics, the story, the sounds and the Voice Acting was spectacular!
Also, I'm not gonna spoil the ending to those who didn't see it, but it was the funniest part of the movie!

that was funny the second time make onther pleasesssssss!

Loved the music, and you did great on the voices. Paper Mario was one of the best games for N64, and I'm glad to see a parody of it on here.

Awesome! Very well made.

Me and my frend timmy....well let's just say it was funny..so funny we culdn't stop laughing!

The ending was the best part

Nice, very very nice.


LOL i crap my pants i coudnt hold it while i am laughing

This is probs the best art i've seen in a mario video EVER. Mario's accent is top class, the last bit is cool and, well, it's just awesome!

lol funny

holy crap i forgot the princess

Haha I love theending.....now i must save peach cause Mario forgot

i liked the part when he goes for his wallet
but the ending was freakin hilarious u got a
five nice job

wow gud movie this was the first time i saw a paper mario movie
on newgrounds gud game

HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS! i have one question... i new to the movie bizz and i want to know what program you use please and thanks

why 10
graphics: like in the game:D
style: very good
sound: great
violence: bowser part :)
interactivity: very good menu
humor: perfect

overall: a really cool movie!

It really wasn't great material, but the humor was cute.
It was a bit fast paced, but does it really take THREE MONTHS
to realize you forgot someone?

My suggestion for an improvement is to try to fit the "mood" of the
Mario series a little better. Mario never really complained as much as he
did in this flash, and he really doesn't use that much dialog.

omg, it was funnny.... almost everything even the raft and the boat

full points for making us laugh

I kinda found the voices to be a bit too much like Mario and Luigi I mean it kind of sounds better when you use a original Mario voice then just sound like him. But I guess It makes it more fun I guess. Great Job!

probably for dramatic effect.

love the movie

Why didn't they just use that blimp to go past the island instead of having to go through the island on foot?

I liked this a whole lot! The graphics were great, you used your own style of the characters, sound was very good, violence was just a little bit low, but still good (hey, Bowser caught on fire!), and the humor was great, especaly the very ending! Very nicely done!

This was comedic genius. The music got a bit too repetitive, but Mario's grumbling and the many mishaps was absolutely hilarious. (The "We've prepared a raft for you" part was top-notch.)

Well done! Very well done indeed.

thats alright, she was probably in another castle...

it was really good overall but one thing i noticed was pink bom-oms where working for boswer the pink bom-oms r good guys not bad and those are black not blue bom-oms otherwise it was good

i cant believe mario did the quest to get to the princess then get to his wallet and then to the princess again and at the end he forgot to get the princess in 3 months! great flash

Oh man what a super cool video I will tell it to all my parents and all my friends

P.D.:si notaste algo de mala ortografia its because i am peruvian

Very well done. I liked the quest music, and forgetting the princess (HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!) was hilarious, to say the least. but, souldn't this be Teens for "mild explict text" (LAZY BASTARDS!!!)?

Graphics: 10, looked just like PM, PMTTYD and SPM
Style: 10, Hey, i liked the style
Sound: 10, synched well
Violence: 10, his hat was on friggin fire, and bowser incinerated!
Interactivity: I felt as if I was playing the game!

Hah, this was hilarious, and Mario forgot the princess! How did he get back the hat?

I love at the end it says 'Holy crap i forgot the princess!" lol imho :). Nice job!!!!!!!

This plot seems to be an improved version of Paper Mario 3. I am aware that that was yours. I loved it.

Good job.The flash was insanely funny at times, the animation was very well-made, the sound was flawless.Great work.


Lol I forgot my wallet!! >xD

This is so funny... you should make more 8D

man that was hell good u should make lots more ...

I love how it was like all nice and peaceful "HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS! "

this is the first flash i'v seen with voice in it. Mario sould keep a notebook with him so he can write that kinda stuff down.

it was funny and what was the name of the song that was playing when luigi threw the star

This flash was really funny, and the whole wallet-thing made alot more sense here. Good work!

very funny, and the voices were very real. why don`t you do a game?


All my 5 belong to this, greatest Mario work ive seen yet.

There was something I forgot. Now what was it...


...Holy crap, I forgot the princess!

This is a fine piece of work, and if ten wasen't the highest score 4 humor i woulda gave it a 30 but my only question is how does mario get the hat of fire back from bowser???

I loved it! You should make a sequel!

i love this movie so much, but thats just because he's mario. lol,
Keep up the good work, maybe make a 2nd one?

i loved it i expecially loved the ending

The humor on this movie was awesome. Good Job.

Wow that was probably one of the best flash movies i have ever seen. keep up the good work. I'd een jump for a sequel. Say, Paper Luigi and The Pants of Fire, or something like that.

haha i LOVED it, the resolution was perfect. 10 out of 10 man!

This is hilarious! It's one of the best video game parodies I've ever seen... And that's saying a lot!

including the ending when he was home his hat was still on fire
after 3 months. you would think the hat was ashs by now...

that was good. i like the way how you used the voices eh... HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!

This is an excellent movie. Some things I like about is is that no one told Mario that his hat was on fire! And the music when Mario was going to and from, and back, to Bowser's Catsle really brought up the humor level. To top it off, Mario forgot the princess!

Mario kept running back and forth to get his wallet! Then paied to get in bowsers castle and jumped out the window like luigi would of done! In the end he forgets the most important thing! Hilarious! This was an awesome job keep making videos like this.

I was Laughing for 1 hour after i saw this. Great Flash. I loved that he didn't notice he forgot the princess for a couple of months. lol.

Did you do the real mushroom kingdom too? It looked like the same animation. Anyway I liked this movie and you did a good job. Im looking forward to a sequel!


why is this all ages when mario said you lazy bastards???

*nothing to say. Too busy laughing*

best mario flash ever. and excellent voice acting too. i liked the ending.

Awesome flash, you deserve a medal, or 3
Keep making these, I'd love to see some more of your work


great hraphics and story and everything. the voice acting is especially grand.

you should make a sequel to this it would b cool.

Holy shit dis movie is halrious. like the other guy said you should have shown what happened to peach. She shold hav said this-"hmm where's mario he should have been here by now hmhm. then mario say "where is luigi" then it shows peach again but dis time luigi comes in and says " hi peach" hi where's mario" "hmhm" then luigi says" hey u doing something tonite" no" "want to go out" " okay" and thats is how it ended. but on top of all dat it waz a real funny moive

Lol, nice man. Some amusing spin-offs could be made with this. Like, what if Bowser never died? Or what were the guards doing before Mario got there? Nice though. HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!

this is funny

If this was a video game it would be FREAKIN' AWESOME!

I really liked this, it's a lot better than the other version.

good flash very funny specially the end lol keep up the good work

aaaahhhhh... eeeh..

tis was very funny.

HOLY CRAP i forgot the princess!!!

pretty funny especially the fact that mario forgot the princess which was the entire reason he went there

i think this flash should be called the hat on fire not the hat of fire

I lovd da ending!!!! u cant have a comedic flash without plot holes, ironic twists and missing wallets!!! :P

it wasnt the best, but still pretty funny, nice job


I enjoyed this movie. You somehow managed to take overused jokes, and make them funny again. I laughed many times during this flash, especially the part where Mario went back for his wallet.

The graphics were good, the style was fine. There was a little violence, and no real interactivity, but overall, it was a good video.

Good job. =)

It was OK, the Mario sounds were cool but the characters speech was off, it bugged me. A lot.

rofl How stupid can he get? His wallet was on the table!

thats pretty funny make a sequel ...lol


see, the funny part of that, was he had a picture of the princess right next to his bed, and apparently, didn't see it for 3 months LOL awesome movie

that was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the princess thing was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was fuckin hilarious man when Mario says 'Holy Crap I forgot The princess!!!!' It was good and fuckin funny kepp it up.

Well, I guess it led to no need for a female voice actor. Anyways, that was hilarious. Perfect Mario sounds, but the accents were a bit week. But Mario's accent is too big anyways.

BEST!!! oh n you get 10 violence Becoause i laffed so hard it hurt but im going 5 on this

He should have said something about the blimp


That was one of the funnyist movies I have ever seen.

that was hilarious dude the fucking ending was great, i love how it took him 3 month to figure out he forgot the princess


Cuz I'm nice!

You did a REALLY good job on this flash, I liked it alot, my favorite part was when Mario whent though the whole island three times because of his wallet.As well as the part where he said "HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!"
Overall, Great job!

I liked the part where he was blown off the raft, and when he said "Why not a boat,You lazy Jerk!?!". Not to mention the "Joly Crap, I forgot the princess!".

Nice work.;)

hahahaha that was so @#%*&%@# hilarious!!!!!!! but i am wonder why is didnt say LAZY BASTERDS!!!!! it just sez it at the bottom of the screen.
anyway that was sooo funy!!!!

XD !@#$ i dropped my wallet!!!! ><


pshkiwi lambidipotodongo

i love this song.

Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
But he knew it wouldn't last.
Jojo left his home in tucson, arizona
For some california grass.
Get back, get back.
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back, get back.
Get back to where you once belonged.
Get back jojo. go home
Get back, get back.
Back to where you once belonged
Get back, get back.
Back to where you once belonged.
Get back jo.


out, CIA

I gave it a nine because its hilarious and rare.

The voice actors were good.

Luigi sucked when he threw the star.

I like the part where his raft gets destroyed and he's like LAZY BASTARDS

...OK, that one-line summary was cheesy. But whatever. This was funny.
Graphics - 9 - Stylized and Paper Mario-ish. Good!
Style - 8 - Haven't seen very many Paper Mario flashes on NG.
Sound - 7 - Excellent voice actors, but the volume of their voices was a tad low.
Violence - 2 - Does the camera cutting out before Mario falling on spikes count? ^_^
Interactivity - 1 - Play button.
Humor - 10 - Offbeat and funny. Hahaha.... *still laughing*

Overall - 9 - I'm glad this is in the Mario collection.

Just plain great work,
I saw both this and the original but i have to ask.
Why did u take out the Battlefields?

OMG that quest for the wallet and back part killed me!!!!! :D

this is a very funny video i also like the part when he went to bowsers castle and he need to pay and left his wallet lol

the funiest part was when mario went for bowser and got killed with one smack.....that was pretty funny especially that dieing music....

Luigi-dude10 >)


XD!!! Fucking PRICELESS!!!

where did u get the idea this is alsome i wish it was long tough than it would by above the ratings if u are make more make them just as funny

my second review,but i had 2 e erytime i watch it, i crak up ive watched it 17 times and counting!!! man this is teh BEST FLASH EVER!!!!!!!!and tell D-man hes the funniest voie actor everz!!!!!!but this is supposed to be for kids.... it said dam screw this and ya... reply idk anymores !!!!!!I LVOE THIS MOVIE!ITS MY FAV FLASH EVERZ!!

Ali e. (A.K.A Boomrocka)

Graphics- its paper but i give it 10 cause i love paper mario

Style - None

Sound- Mario's voice could improve just a little bit

Violence- There was no violence

Interactivity- Definetly none i tell you. None!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Humor- Very funny!!!!! I laughed my head off watching this!

Overall-9 reason None but very funny!

Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!

What can I say?

Graphics- Awesome

Style- Original

Sound- Great Mario Voice

Violence- You just did it perfectly

Interactivity- None really, but what the hell? I'll give you a ten for that too :)

Humor- Funnier than The Ultimate Showdown! I'm gonna die laughing!

You rock! You should be a comedy writer! This is number one on my favorites list (really).

I'd just like to say, first off, that it appears d--- is appropiate for all audiences in a lot of cartoons...

Anyway, it was totally awesome. Keep up the good work.

great move i love it! make another one! keep up the great work!

Man that was funny, you have GOTTA make more.

Lol, that was so funny. "LUIGI YOU IDIOT! WHAT KIND OF THROW WAS THAT?!?!?!" so awesome.

well lets see my favorite part wazz wen he left for tha castle & went back for a damn wallet & then had 2 leave back to da castle
povre mario

i liked the end and when he was in that ice going down the moutian

I love it when mario decided to not to fight all those enimies! HAHA!So the hats are important! lol the bomb saying 'now way he got hurt, he's mario!' LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !your fan, Alex.YOU ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

I loved this movie. It was so funny. I liked when the hat was on fire and he didnt notice lol. Keep up the good work

I have to admit, this flash made me laugh out loud. Most flashes don't allow me to do that because something drags it down, such as the graphics or sounds, or even the story. But that was done very well, the story was excellent and the ending was great! 100% rating! :) Keep it up!

keep it up, u r doing good.

That was pretty funny! I just loved the "Crap! I dropped my wallet!"

hahahahahaha!!! very funny, and i noticed when u used FF music at the part where luigi came, very funny!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

This was like Madness style! Ultimate deathmatch! I loved it. Musta taken a ton of time.

THAT WAS SOME GOOD SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

that was so funny! if i could i'd give u a grade higher than 10!

I liked it. Make another! =)

hahaha '3 maonths later HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS'

Meanwhile, his hat is still on fire...

Hilarious, one of the better mario moviees I've seen, especially because they actually have voices.

i love mario parodys and i swear this is one of my favorites i've seen on here, lol. great bit forgeting the princess and all and luigi over-throwing the star, that was great. XD tho the graphics were very good, the movment was... well, kinda stale u could say? over all, it was very funny, and i enjoyed it ^^ keep em commin! btw, this movie was originaly by bendo? ur remake is great then (i may be a lil lost there) well who ever did the voices did a good job :D

Great job! An all around awesome short!

Perfectly nice job guys, keep making more where those came from! XD
*raises a statue for you* woot!

it was very fun especialy the part that mario needed to go back to get his wallet keep up the good work.

ps:who forgets a princess

this is one of the funniest, and greatest Mario Parodies i've seen here on newgrounds. keep 'em coming

yea it had stuff that made it better :)

and this time it had actuall voices thought mario did screw up with the star thing which he got in paper mario 3

Ha! Great movie. Loved the voice-acting and gags.
Your work paid off. I hope to see another Mario movie from you sometime.

COOOLLLLLLL!!!!! It's great!!!!but....... I still hate you Bendo because of...........MARIO'S BIG FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why is this called the hat of fire? That's only one TINY thing in the movie.Here's some rating's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mario:hat of fire: Great
Mario's big fall: NASTY FUCKING CRAP

Finally, a flash that's BOTH quality AND funny! Usually it's just one or the other. I hope you continue to make flash like this.

I'm begging you keep this up!

omg this fuckng thing is funny i would have forgot the princes to shes ugly

Ah the hat of fire its its..... ITS FRAKIN HOT Y DID THE CREATOR MAKE IT SO GOOD AAAAA!!!!!

flawless.i laughed my ass off!

Fweeh. I thought that was vewy vewy funny. The graphics were nice too. Gotta love plumbers with hats of fires.

This Shit was AWESOME!

BUT its a rip off from your own movie...

That was SO funny. But if that was Paper Mario, why didn't he burn? But how he realized he forgot the princess 3 months later was FUNNY AS HELL

this was freakin awesome the voices are great, the humor is cool and funny and the ending was terrific i laughed my ass off


THAT WAS AWESOME SINCE THIS MOVIE KICKS ASS SO HARD I WATCHED IT 1000 TIMES ALREADY U GUYS ROCK!!! ( btw if i could do a 10 on ratings i would hav ) nice work ( also do a sequal then itll be awesomer )

Hey guy, i love, no, i really love this one, and i love the ending too, keep doing this stuff, its cool!


"Holy Crap i forgot the princess!!!" nice job, i voted 5

1 question, did you the scorching desert idea and what not from Shrek 2? i'm just curious to let you know.

oh and by the way like the 'Luigi, you freackin idiot!'.

I liked it alot keep up the good work

It was ok. It was funny when he forgot about the princess and when
Luigi missed.

This is what movies should really be like, not having to rely on swearing to produce a laugh, just cheap humour. Kinda makes ya wonder why there isn't anything like this on newgrounds these days. Paper Mario was an awsome game... and so's this, Good on ya!

It was Okay but Mario and luigi's voice ruined the whole thing. Mario sounded like a mexican guy on helium, same for Luigi. Cool graphics though but what the hell is the story behind the hat.

that was really funny i especially liked the end, and i also noticed u used the same music for the star throwing in this 1 and the falling in marios big fall... but who really cares... nyway that was really good. i also like ur sobe 1s!

IT was so funny I had a friend come over just to watch it with me! Make another one you comedy masters! Much better than the orginial!!!

i loved it. it as the best freaking movie i saw

"Why don't you go save her this time?" "That was convenient."
"Screw this" "Wow... Nice throw luigi" "I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!"


I like your flash!!!!

I laughed for about five minutes on that one. Truly genius. This was also the first Mario movie I've seen in which the animators weren't afraid to use actual voices for the characters. It definitely turned out extremely well. In addition, the song that played while he was going across the island was pretty awesome. Who wrote it?

That voice suits Mario well. Good parody, but it might be longer.

"Holy crap! I forgot the princess!" That was quite funny. Also, while the actor(s) weren't perfect, the music was awesome!

Man..that was one well done animation. Keep it up!

This is one of the funny Mario movies that scores my 10. Every second planning the movie was worth it. Great job! Keep up the good work!

(Lazy ____turds was really funny.)

That was very funny at the end. I even thought"Um... What about the princess?"

Yup, just plain funny, love the '1 coin entry fee' stuff, keep up the good work!

he forgot about peach for 3 months! damn he's got bad memory! lol!

it's really funny and all but just like the guy before me said how come mario doesn't get cought on fire i mean his hat was on fire for like nearly the entire movie and boswer just dies as soon as the hat gets on his head. and i was suprised the hat wasn't burned off after 3 months X_X anyway nice movie =]


-but how the HELL did Bowser set on fire??!

This was a great piece of humor with Papper Mario and had some great voice acting and humor.
Good Job 8/10.......

Oh no!!!!!

After all the running around he did, he forgot the most important thing...


PS: Nice voice actors!

Anyone who gives this a bad score is as stupid as my sister. P.S.That means really,really,REALLY stupid.

Keep them coming mate!

Super funny and better then the first one but there could of been a longer fight with bowser though but it was good

couldn't stop laughing. He oes throught the world,back,then back again and forgets the princess. THat was a classic. My only problem is how bowser dies froom fire. Also what happend to he guards?

funny stuff gj

You did a really good job on this. I thought the graphics were great, very original. The style of this flash was great too, it was a great idea to make a flash out of Paper Mario. The music fit perfectly and the voice acting was great. The sound effects weren't that bad either. It was also pretty funny, I got some laughs out of it. Good job making this flash, keep it up!

The original joke in the beginning about "I didn't build a ship" and "why the hell did we say that" (or something) was actually pretty funny. You should not have taken that out.

Besides that, there were some improvements, but it wasn't much better because of the removal. I thought the first joke was really funny.

This is an awesome remake of your first movie (even though your first one was awesome too).

I hope you make a part 2 That would be nice

Ps. Why did you take out the battlefeild part?

I never thought that mario would ever forget to rescue the princess. Also, if his hat was on fire the entire three months, why didn't it burn up? It was awesome, otherwise.

that had me laughing the whole time. nice job!

I loved it! and the voice acting was well done. is there any way I can download the songs? I especially liked the credits theme

Great voice acting and storyline. Incredibly funny!


That was funny lol funny credits keep up the funny mctastic work *Thumbs Up* and remember children never trust a stranger

I liked this movie alot, and good voice acting to.
Keep up the good work

Not often do I see Mario flashes that not only remain true to the characters, but provide funny dialogue and fitting graphics. My only complaint is that sometimes the tweens seemed to obvious, like not a natural flowing body part. Still, this flash is a lot of fun to watch! Be proud of yourselves!

Wow, This one of the first flashes you made? This was great. Scratch that, Outstanding. Awesome job! I hope to see more of these in the future. Keep up the great work!

-The Cruise

nice 1 but its pretty much paper mario3 with some changes

Man, this was great! I really enjoyed watching this!

GJ on the submission. Atleast this flash is decent compared to those other damn idiots out there =]

it sure was a great improvement than the last one, i loved it. when mario missed the star i just LMAO! Keep it up and i'll vote 5 everyday till i die!

The animation wasn't all that great, and I'd also have to say that the voices weren't all that good. XP Nice art, though.

The guy before was right, you should have had sound clips from the games, and explained more with pictures. The storyline was repetitive, so I'd improve for next time.

better the the first the voiceovers sound gay
but improved script and better graphics make this
a really good movie!

Now this is funny!! i like paper mario and there isnt many spoofs of paper mario on NG.

That was a pretty kick-ass movie, I even enjoyed the credits! Nice work, hoping to see another good one from you in the future!


ROFLMAOOMF!= rolling on floor laughing my ass off on my floor.
But one question, why was mario's hat on fire. well i know that... but when bowser put it on, he caught on fire!? why didn't mario? let me guess, just a surprise, or there was just some weird reason or......dunno i lost my self.....

This was a really funney movie, now, teach me how to make flash!

This movie cracked me up. Especially the part where he forgot his wallet, and had to go all the way back to get it. That blew me away with laughter!

How do you com up with this stuff this is funny as hell. -2 lives
Zzzzzz Oh crap I forgot the princess!! Priceless.

Wow that was suprising. Burning caps are so useful.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! that's probably the funniest movie I've seen for a looooong time dude! i absolutely love your style! keep up the awesome work! hope to see more from you!

HAHAHAHAHAHA This was some awesome sh**!!!

the ending was fun !!!


that was fun!

but but some terrible movement and action stuff. he was moving a little odd, and he's been staring on the floor a lot. and wow, it looks like Mario's more dummer than luigie or osemthing. He didn't even get rid of the fire on the hat. and mario might have caught the star if he jumped upward instead of forward

lol good job.Love the ending.

you´re good at this.
i liked it, it´s funny.my favourite part was when mario forgot the princess

THAT IS THE BEST SPRITE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! YOU ROCK!!!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!! IT WAS PERFECT! I loved your graphics especially! The whole overall movi was fantastic, i have lost count of how many times i've watched it. became a ng member to comment you : )

Not a bad piece of flash animation, I thought it was hilarious when he gets all the way there and realizes that he can't pay the cover charge so he must go on the epic quest for his wallet.

Man, that was some funny shit!
"And so mario went back to get his wallet"

I was a fan of Astronaut butter's Real Mushroom Kingdom flashes, which were very much in the same style as this one (I'm not accusing plagarism), and I really liked this one aswell. The art style of Paper Mario is an enjoyable one, and should be done more often. The voices weren't bad, but could have been just a tad better. All in all, good work.

The humor was a little cheesy, but the ending is what saved it.

I love the story, got me laughing hard
and the interactivity was fairly good
the animation was smooth but the story so got me..

very messed up

I loved this. Paper Mario was one of my favorite games and I love how you put lots a references in here.

The graphics were really good, and I love the fact that Mario/Bowser and the rest actually talked for once.

Great job, and I hope to see more of this.

PS: The music was great as well. Really nostaligic feel (Bomb-omb).


that was funny, and for the dude 2 down from me...you suck.

anyway, that was well done and funny, most of the jokes were from the really oddly placed people that told you about the next adventure. and paper mario..bad thing happens very oddly timed good things happen
hope to get a second paper mario video.


Wow man.

How long did this take you?
1st thing- Graphics were obviously traced. You say that you had a "reference pic". Your reference pic was probably under your paper as you TRACED it.

2nd thing- The humor in this flash is ...well... missing. The jokes were lame and predictable, having obvious endings. Mario forgetting the princess? kinda figured that one out before the damned movie was halfway over. Most of your movie was Mario tweening his way across the mushroom kingdom looking for his wallet, which was a bad joke to begin with.

3rd thing- Your voice for mario was pretty good, but the others were a bit off. Luigi sounded like it was the same guy doing mario but holding his nose and bowser sounded like a kid going through puberty with a bowel obstruction.

4th thing- You've gotten quite a few negative reviews for this, and even when people tried giving you CONSTRUCTIVE criticismm, you jump down their troat and insult them, hoping to get a sock back at someone online who you will never meet. A good friend of mine once told me that arguing with people on the internet is like running in the special olympics, even if you win, you're still retarded. You need to understand that not everyone is like your immature fan base and accept that some people know enough about flash to realize that this took very little effort from you. You ridicule people who give you their opinion of your work, and that is proof that you will never improve your skills. No wonder you're banned from reviewing.

In conclusion, you don't have a very original or monumental flash here, and because I've told you this, you will undoubtedly lash out at me in a follow-up.

Here's hoping that you're able to remove your head from your own anal cavity and accept these tips.

This was funny, mainly because it didnt talk at all about the hat,and because Mario kept running back&forth.lolz.awesome job.

Now that was hilarious good work man

That was hilarious! At the end! Freaking genious. "Holy crap I forgot the princess!"

Nice flash. Kudos.

The song during credits rocked. Where did you get it?

one of the best flashes in my books. loved the part with the wallet.

fejhqlqdfzlqzebnfguskeukgveffzeykzgzefvbfgehkefvb.Am i right?

wtf?isnt this thing already created?isnt this flash supposed to be paper mario 3?why did a block fall down on mario`s head instead of a goomba?that happend in paper mario 3.

this one was kindea boreing like you kindea knew what was ganna happend but at the end was a lil funny i gave this one a 6

Um... okay, I too saw a similar flash a couple of months ago, and that's because the same guy made it! This flash is not stolen from the Paper Mario 3 flash because this is the same guy who made that flash you were referring to! So, yeah, this isn't stolen. It's redone. I actually consider this an improvement. It's easier to look at.

hi comicbookguy101 here. First of the flash was quite funny in parts like when mario had to go back for his wallet and things like that. but the parts i think u could of work on wer the graphics, yes I no they wer suposed to be paper but i think u could of put i little more into the style. the music was a relief from some othe rmario paradys wer it sort of tinny. any ways if your gonna make another one plz put more effort into the parts i sed. comicookguy101

Pretty funny. its a parody of all the times Mario has to save the princess, and how pissed you are wen Toads give u crap. But, i wouldn't call this for all ages. its more like Teens.

lmao! Spirit Squad theme, mehca sonic absorbing all of the other models, like cell and the androids. And the radar. where do you come up with this stuff? KEEP COMING UP WITH IT! ITS NICE! XD

Haha Go Mate.

Good work. yes I agree it was hilarious that Mario had to go back for his wallet.

haha Mario really didnt seem to in love with the Princess, good on him hahaha.

Great Work Mate.



Nice, i liked it. Marios quest to find his wallet, makes him go back and forwards all over the island, that was rich XD

Good job.

this made me laugh so much.Authentic mario type gaming but witha great sense of humor.
"OMG i forgot the princess"So funny.
10/10 every time.

Haha, it took Mario three months to figure out that he forgot to bring the princess back. I guess people do forget stuff like that sometimes. I liked how you showed him going there, going back and going there again, really was a great idea. I didn't understand why it was called the hat of fire till you gave the huge clues away with it always being on fire. Good idea on killing bowser anyways since this time he actually died. Nice job.

LOL!!!!! That was really good o.o I loved it.

~*-_3 MONTHS LATER_-*~

HOLY CRAP!!! I forgot the princess!!!

Nice job.

This movie rocked my socks man. I love the Paper Mario reference, plus the "reality" of the script. Mario forgetting Peach at the end was priceless!

Firggin Awesome
it was all great

lol, the ending was the best XD

[Mumbling]spaghiti....OH CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCES!!!!! Awsome.

I like in the beggining where he's dreaming about pasta, and Luigi wakes him up by screaming, MARIO!!!!!!!!!! It's also funny how Toadsworth is lazy enough to build Mario a friggen boat! LOL! It's like a: Paper Mario director's cut! (Sort of...) :P LOL!

But how come you didn't speak out the part's where Mario curses? Geez! You didn't have to censore it for the kiddies! XP

to the guy who wrote the review before me well you SUCK I HATE U MARIO H8ER U SKANK to other viewers this is a good movie

Heheh his hat was on fire the whole time... that shit made me laugh. Good job man. Good voice acting too.

That was really funny. (Yes i know im easily amused) The graphics were nice and smooth. It had good music too. Try to make another one if you can!

Amazing animation, very smooth. Plot was great, really enjoyed it. You added humor which gave the movie a great feel. Hillarious ending. Loved it. Cant wait to see another from you again.

But the Pink bob ombs arn't evil just to let you know.

Loved the end. The interactivity was great, witht he menues and whatnot. There were only a few parts that made me laugh, that explains the 6 on humor :( But it was an overall nice flash, looked like you worked hard. Keep at it :D


That was the dryest thing ive ever seen.

If you're going to bother to put subtitles in to let us know what the people with the horrid voice-acting were saying, you could at LEAST learn to spell correctly.

Good graphics, so kudos to whoever did that. But the talent was wasted on the terrible humor of this flash.

You overused the flaming hat thing, it was boring before it even began.

If you're going to make a bad flash like this, the least you could do was not stretch it out and make us endure the pain of your jokes longer than absolutely necessary.

Didnt even make me crack a smile.

"nintendo ninja should never ever right comedy again." instead of that, say it was not that funny, but keep at it. Or something more helpful."

actually that comment is VERY helpful..boooooring flash

nice humor
overall i think it was good
i think i missed a part
oh well
good job

I liked the voice acting, good job on that. Most of the jokes were pretty good but a few were a little stale, but its a lot better than some other mario parodies I've seen, so good job and keep up the good work.

This is horrible...the humour was very poor and stupid. The animation was pretty good though...better than the sprite animations I normally see. The music needs a lot of work, except for the mario theme. Try to do something original the next time. Better luck next time.

So NO-Meatloaf-For-Me, does the fact that you use bigger words make you feel cool? Does it make your word law? Does it make you sound like a bigshot? No. I thought this was a good flash, but this is opinion, not fact, like you seem to think your review is. So, when YOU feel a little more mature to the degree that you stop being a dumbass, tell me. Then maybe people won't call you a snide bastard.

yeah i really liked but you used that shit noise a little too much

oh and to that last guy,try to lighten up a little

i was reluctant 2 watch it at 1st becuz im used 2 watchin mario flashes that includes sprites onli but tht was reali good i loved it. also it was reali funny 2. agen im used 2 mario flashes with voices ripped but havin voice actors that r so good at impersonationg reali helped improve the flash and allowed u 2 b much more cr8ive. plz keep it up im hooked now. =) very funny. im off 2 watch the ova 1(s) now

That was great! That video was way worth watching. It was incredible. It was one of those things where the final pun made everything so much more funny. GOod job! Extremly witty, and good music.

This was hilarious! MORE!!! I liked it.

It was very funny of course, and I feel a second part would be interesting.

be funny right when he got to the door with his wallet he goes oh no! im broke and how the hell the fire kept going in the snow?

that was extermily funny i loved the ending "HOLY CRAP I FORGOT THE PRINCESS" LOL it took him 3 months to rember that he left her lol. top notch movie continue makin more


that was funny all the way from hell i liked it when mario goes"a coin entance fee wat the crap" and "HOLY CRAP i forgot the princess make another 1 when mario goes to save his wallet again coz he left it with bowser and when he gets thereits gone lol

i thought it was amazing!

tht was friggen hilarious...but marios accent sounded more arab thn itallian..but other thn tht..twas the bomb!

Loved it, especially the "Luigi you freakin' idiot!" part and "OH MY GOD I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!"

Loved the Sound work. Definitely well done. Being colourful never hurt anyone ^_^ love the style. Got nice laugh out of it, definitely a keeper. I'm gonna watch this over a few more times =D Not just ripping off others, so it's nice and original ^_^ (ish* - for anyone who disagrees) Keep up the gud stuff, looking forward to seeing more - JJ

i rely like the vocies and the grafics

I really enjoyed it...the graphics and sound were amazing, the menu's were accurately video-game like, and the plot was humorous. But my favorite part was the last scene, especially since I forgot about the princess as well. :)

lol that was funny make more i tell you more!lol

Dude sweeet, i vote 5!

Its good to see at least a good mario movie that isnt made with sprites! * jumps around dancing*i found it very... entertaining. but the plot is very cliche... furthermore the graphics were really great thus this is a very well deserved 9!

That was heaps funny.You should make a 2nd one of it.And I'll Remember the funniest part:A RAFT?!?!Why not a boat you lazy jurk!

This movie's technical details and interactivity *menu and such* is one the best I have seen. I loved the graphics and the voice acting, such quality is RARE.

HOWEVER... the humor is where this fails. Some parts were funny *HOLY CRAP! I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!* but in others it was horrible... although I don't get why did people compare you to LegendaryFrog, he's a funny guy. Overall, if you could improve your humor for the next movie you make, you're well in the making for excellent flash movie making.

ahh spaghette... ahh.. HOLY CRAP, I FORGOT THE PRINCESS!

dude i saw the movie like 50 times and i still laughing all loud, keep making more movies like that and you'll have my entire respect =), oh btw
violence and interactivity, ahhhh these things really doesn't matter in movies of this kind

it was really funny. the ending was great. i liked mario with the attitude. i almost feel sorry for him, almost.

but plot sucked and it wasn't funny at all. Then again maybe I'm too old for this kind of humor anyway.

that waz great, good jokes, nice music and great ending, I Forgot The Princess,
make a sequel

that was too funny! HOLY CRAP HE FORGOT THE PRINCESS!!!!


Boy oh boy that was what i call funny. It was a little frustrating becuase it took too long to get to the point but it was still very extremely funny :).

This was oe of the better flashes coming out of that crap hole portal lately. It was very original and unique and the sound and voices were suberb. The jokes kicked so much ass, I wish they made the game like this. Maybe you guys could?

dude the part where he goes "luigi you freakin itiot what kind of throw was that!?"was lol x7 omg thats one of the funnisest submissions i ever saw about mario and um.......is paper mario a good game?????and btw the voices sound EXACTLY like the game exept bowser mario actually sounded like mario!!!!!thats amazing and luigi omg his voice sounds like lugi from mario!how do u do that?


I don't think I've ever seen such a high animation skills to joke ratio in my entire life. The graphics and the fantastic coloring that brought it to life were met with an overall slow paced presentation and jokes that never even seem to have any effort put into them. I mean; "One dollar entrance fee": What? That joke is so bad that it borders on LegendaryFrog humor, something I thought people would learn to stay far away from. "I was in the tree, but never mind that", "I forgot my wallet!", "Yeahhhhh... let's go with that": the jokes are pitiful, but the voice acting certainly isn't. It was dead-on for Mario and Luigi and I'm surprised how close he came.
The animation drags on to long: Mario going back through all those worlds to get it and then coming back could have easily edited out and not be missed. The jokes may be non-existent, but I'll give them this; they didn't rip off any jokes from The Simpsons or Family Guy. The art and animation are perfect, it's just good humor needs to be a part of the work for next time.

It wasn't all that funny. But, it was funny that Mario forgot Peach and that Bowser fell by Mario's hat rather than by Mario's hand. For your next flash, try better, or I'll whack you in your sleep.

That was absolutly hilarious. Lot's of little jokes in it, but it was still awesome. I thought it was funny how he left the Princess behind. Lol =) Great Work!

Awesome job! I laughed my butt off when Mario forgot his Wallet on the other side of the Island. I also liked it that you made this movie in one month! I guess it can be possible.

I was thinking that too, I'm like hey he didn't rescue the princess. Too bad but that was funny. I wonder sometimes if life counters can go below zero as well. This was cool. I haven't seen a drawn Mario flash in sometime, and the voice acting is pretty good also. I liked this flash. It was pretty awesome

haha i thuoght this was pretty good. and one thing i have to complement u on is the mario and luigi voices. peerfect. Keep it up it was rly cool.

i was definetly lmao
the ending was great forgeting princess
and the dramatic star throw that missed lol
keep it up

omg how did ya think of this? its fuckin funny!

Lol THat was good and funneh =D

that was funny, but did "The Hat Of Fire" have anything 2 do with anything?

that was pretty great
would have liked to have seen the princess still really good though
awesome graphics

hehehe awesome.fuggin a-sum

I know i saw this like almost a year ago somewhere else and i have no idea where and looking at the datem of this being post it was resent. So tell me where i might of seen this before because I know I have.

Funny, the hole time he was leaving the castel iwas like what about the princess!!! lololol nice make another

I admit this was a little funny and the voice acting wasnt too bad either and the graphics were ok. A little long winded with no action pumped ending but I guess it wasnt meant to be either,
still its kinda good but not one of the Mario flashes I prefer. Keep working on it and U will be great ^^


i like paper mario sso this was cool for me to see

THAY WAS FUCKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ!!!! MAKE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liked the graphics a lot, story line was kind of dull and unexciting, music choice was good though. Pretty decent flash over all.

Great movie, loved the animation, and decent voice imitation.

You forgot to credit the Chrono Cross music you played during the scene where Luigi was throwing the Star.

holy crap that was so funny especially the ending!

That was the best mario movie I have seen since "The People's Mario" Great work!

lol all jokes aside that was an awesome piece of work. where can i find the mario theme music you played at the end?

The ending was lovely!

it started not funny but it picked up

You drew the characters well. Mario and luigi were voiced well, also. Toadsworth and Bowser? Not so much...
The plot was a little bland, as well.

Good effort, however.

Very well made. Beautiful, on time, art was perfect. However it was horridly boring and rather un-funny. I only smiled slightly at the very end. Sorry.

I also have to disagree with everybody on the voices. I think that the actual voice acting was good because it was not too forced sounding, but didn't really sound like Mario/Luigi.

I'd give a 10 for effort.

best mario movie I have seen in a long time.
and it's about time some decent mario voices were used.

good work!

Good work! I found the voice acting in this flash cartoon to be really really great. The voices are varied and well done, not to mention funny. The animation, as you said, increased as quality as the movie went on, which is good. A few suggestions from me would be try not to use the gradient(sp?) tool for noticable objects, as it doesn't look that well done. (Goombas.), and make another cartoon. You guys rock, and I want to see more. :D

Not much i can say, you pretty much said it all. only complaint i have was it was a bit repetitive going back and forth...shoulda had something a bit more...well, less dragged out. quite funny at the end though...all that BS for nothing...he forgot her. Nice.

That was awesome.
The only thing I can think of as far as complaints go is bowser's voice.

And he left without his hat, and then had it when he got back. PARADOX.

OK so growing up I was always a huge fan of Paper Mario for the 64. I never got the 2nd one, although I heard it was great too. So seeing this on newgrounds, I just had to look at it. And I laughed my ass off, every scene was hilarous. Great job...

for the guys who didnt saw this submission its a must see !!

great talent:)! would be nice to make a number 2 :D! or maybe better a serie! lol This was the greatest movie of mario ever! was really well made and mario voice was INCRIDIBLE! nice work

Best voice acting I've ever heard. This was much better than I expected. One of the most original mario flash's I've seen. Loved the ending.

woulda gave a 10 on style but, this is THE EXACT SAME FLASH AS
PAPER MARIO 3, the only dif is better graphics, get a new flash :0

A nice movie, well done pal

awsome dude, keep up the good work
the voices were pretty damn good

That was very good! I really like that movie man, great job. It's god funny parts, and I thought the Start buttons n' stuff were well done. Great on the animation, and great idea. Nice job!

You rule! That was a very funny way to end the movie but the first one just seemed a little funnier. I dont know why


all i have to say is awsome. i nearly wet myself that was so funny
hereas some math for your awsomeness.

u+movie+humor+it not being gay=wet pants=:)

i hope u do more movies cuz dam that was a good movie i watch it again and agian.

I watched this, and I just couldn't stop laughing after he forgot his wallet. This flash was awesome, and looked like paper mario a lot. Nice job, and I thought the voices were good.

Nice job, I hope to see more of your work.

(p.s. if you can tell me where to find the original, that'd be great.)
(p.p.s. all my 5 r belong 2 this)

MaybeYou might not have noticed, but you made a few spelling mistakes. But here's the *burning* question. Why didn't Mario die when he had his flaming hat on?



I really enjoyed this!
Are you planning to make more?...I hope so!

The visuals was nice, but the animation was... lacking.

There're several grammatical errors.

You response to Dreth's comment stated:
Bendo's response:

"will anyone actually quote what they found wrong... like the real sentence..."

The one error that really stuck with me was when Mario woke up on the island.

Blue bomb-omb: "Your on Bomb-omb Beach, dude. "

Your is a pronoun meaning belonging to. You're is a contraction of the words you and are. This stuff is easy, dude.

I would say this is very close to the original.

The art was alot better and the voice acting definitly made it slightly better (although the voice acting could have been alot better than it was it was better then most and please stop yelling at reviewers saying the voice acting was excelent, where just giving out opinions)

However it lost something of the original and personnally i didnt think the first one was to great in the first place. Simply because it drags on and things that make no sense (such as the hat still being on fire after being frozen and placed in sewage) but since that was in the original I wont mark you down for that.

In all art work was great, voices better then most the voices in flashes these days, story was a bit long and humour lacking. If you work to make better plots and possible practice your italian accent you could make a very nice flash

"Bendo's response:
WTF. the voices were amazing man. I dont think uve played anything mario..."

And I dont think you've ever heard an italian talk.

Funny all the way, the aniamtions are great.
The best part is the ending. Luigi really needs to learn how to throw.

"Luigi, you freaking idiot!"

LMAO, that was an awesome parodie!

Poor Mario, always gets the hard work...

the graphics were good but i just didn't find i that funny, maybe its just me but it just seemed lacking

i saw the first movie of that but that was stupid but you make it better so 5 votes

I loved this, it's such a good portrayal of mario and the ending was superb.


I'm a huge fan of Paper Mario, and this was awesome. The animation was really sharp, and the voice acting was awesome. You should definatley make more stuff like this.

that was so cool :D i really love it!

Luigi! You freakin idiot! What kinda throw was that?!

xD rofl. Nice work here! I'm just curious, on where you got the Paper Mario TTYD sprites. I mean, I can't find any.

Thanks :D

this was pimpin'. no lie i mean i don't find alot of stuff very cool on here but this is a good one. good work. make more. go big.

You DESERVE that front page, very entertaining with lots o' laffs!


Yeah that was good I want to see more too lots of laughs yeah \/

I've seen Paper Mario 3, and that was good. This remake is better then the original I think. I dunno how you did the voices, but yeah. I was laughin for ages =)

dude there was only one thing missing...at least one swear..i just didint think it would be that funny with out al least one swear but other then that great job....and mario goe's on alot of quest for such idiotic things............. and he needs tons of more lives......

Before you or anyone else desides to go on a tanget about "How I've never done flash therefore I'm irrelivent." I'd like to point out that they can't do that with actual flashes or movies or even T.V. shows. Only those who have no idea how hard it is are the people who are the mass.

Anyway, I was just saying this. Not like I've got anything bad to say.

I swear to god I saw this a long time ago, when it was in the "Most recent 50 flashes" I didn't like it then, I thought it was crap. Now I look at this and think, "Dude, that was acctually pretty cool. Hmm." Obviously I have no actual idea about how the portal works. Oh well.

Anyway, the graphics were okay. Paper Mario spoof, from what I read, so there ya go. My only problem was the movements sometimes seemed a little... odd/overexpresive and the positions of the characters on the landscape. The voices were really good, other then a few minor parts where it bugged me (Just me.) they were fantastic. The jokes were meh, but I liked the ending where "Oh crap, I forgot the princess!"

Great job, the only thing is that you used a couple of bad words. Other than that, the flaming hat thing was extremely funny. Keep up the GREAT work.

I rarely write reviews, I gotta say that burning hat thing was pretty much the only funny thing in the whole flash, besides the conversation at the beginning. The voice acting was good for the most part, and the graphics were great (although animation was lacking in my opinion). Yet... you guys can make good flashes, but still can't land grammar? I may be overgeneralizing here but how the hell can great artists spell like 3rd graders? "to much" , "off on he's journey again" wtf?

(I don't know if those were the right phrases)

I'm not an english teacher, nor do I speak perfect english but I just had to comment on that since I've been seeing lately MANY submissions with that crap, even plurals with apostrophes. Anyway, good flash although not that funny, it was well executed, just try to make the animation more lively and the dialogue more witty next time.

The animations was pretty good and the voices were very accurate to the videogame counterparts. Like I said before, the back-tracking joke Mario did was pretty funny, but also the last line Mario says ("Holy crap! I forgot the Princess!"). So this movie was pretty good overall. 4 out of 5.

Why the hell are people saying the voices sucked?? The voices were amazing. Have any of these people watched anything that has to do with Mario or have they just watched alot of shitty mario impressions in the past.

Great job dude, good all around, and one of the best Mario impressions I have seen in awhile.