Chuckles The Tuner

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Chuckles's car was explodet...Then he bought a awesome rustz crap whats looking like bicyckle...ummm weak bike..and later he tuned it....
Please fairly...this is work of 19-20 day (with some long rest)


Keep practicin

I must admit it is kinda funny, but u still need a little practice. ;)

MKFP-lennychuckles responds:

ou yeah !thanx this animation is my first what passed with over 2.4 points..

Keep Practicing

Overall I enjoyed the storyline and the character. I think if you keep working on your graphics and animation techniques you can be a lot better. This is by far not the worst I've seen, but it's far from being great. Keep working on those things and I think you'll get the hang of it.

MKFP-lennychuckles responds:

I am really happy this thing was so good points when was passed...over 2.4 !I can be only better....but i am lazy for details...

I want my 2 minutes back...

If sucking is in style, then your cartoon is the best ever.

Some people see something they want to imitate - for instance flash animations which make no sense whatsoever yet are hilarious. Those senseless but humorous flash animations have a certain "it" quality which cannot be reproduced.

Here is a checklist to see if your animation has "it":
Foreign accent: Always good for a laugh, especially from Americans.
Weak Story: Car blows up, go buy a bike. Bike breaks, build a new bike... sometimes this sort of repitition could be funny - not in this case.
Horrible sounds: Your sounds may have been too horrible. I felt like jamming a Q-tip in my ear when I first heard your "sound effects." Other successful animations are over the top in the sound FX department without being so... over the top.

This is just my opinion, other people may be on harder drugs than I.

MKFP-lennychuckles responds:

OMG sorry 4 teh 2 minutes.....
....you are a fresh n00b in NG...heh


it was so funny!
and you have great skills!

MKFP-lennychuckles responds:

woow.thanx dude.

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Credits & Info

2.90 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2006
3:21 PM EDT
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