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Fire Emblem: Sacred Stone

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This movie is about Fire Emblem I drew the pictures on paper and drew them in I hope you all will like the movie! It's not the best I can do it's just something I wanted to make some parts messed up and I cant go back and fix them until later on! The story is about two kingdoms Renais and Grado fighting a war against each other but the first part is long and you probably wont understand it unless this is protected I will make a 2nd one with better dialogue!

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I love Fire Emblem, and The sacred stones was my favorite.

Although the artwork whas very good for a beginner i didnt get the storyline, and the player/enemy phase whas zoomed in too much. because of the artwork, this deserves a 6

good but not perfect

sketchy but good 4 a begginer ive played the game cheated it and hacked parts and glitched parts of it and i know all of it by heart your video was about 7.5- 4

sorry but i dont think this is what happend

Im pretty sure that the princess didnt get captured but instead escaped with 2 calvery knight and on the first battle it keeps restarting the movie. love the game series but i dont like this.

I am sorry to say this, but This was absolotuely..

And is that supposed to be FUCKING COLM? and what the hell, Seth is blue, not red. Eperhaim looks like fucking roy, and Erika's head was floating.

Also, lyon looks like hayden, and likewise! and FUCK!! what the hell, is that gilliam?shit....

Im sorry, but this sux

Fire Emblem: The Epic Fail

Some of the text moved by too quickly. The animation is sketchy. Wtf Newgrounds posters in the background of a castle. Erika's head got stuck. This is a horrible tribute to Fire Emblem.

Credits & Info

2.48 / 5.00

Sep 18, 2006
11:36 AM EDT