Rats on Cocaine - Ep # 3

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There's a new guest in the terrarium. He too was a rat on cocaine, until complicated neurosurgery changed his ways and he followed the light. But Cage and Alice will provide the final test of his faith.


Great job

Very funny. Love the part when Cage bite his hand, Alice say "Yeah!", and Jesus taking drugs,


I love this brand of dark humour. You rarely see movies like this on NG. Good job.

I have one question though. What's the name of the song when the two rats were high on coke and were up in the heavens? Thanks

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

"flower duet" by the previous reviewer's favorite composer.

poor mark

you know why mark turned? ill tell u why! it was the fucking Léo Delibes music coming out of that phoocing mirror! that corny ass shit is enough to make anone snort a few lines!! that dickles fuck wit couldnt write music to save his life! snoby french fuck!! you know who else cant write music!? ill tell you! britny spears! that cunt cant even sing! so why do people buy her shit albums?! ill tell you why!! cus men get wood when they see her on the album cover!! cock sucking phucks thinking with theyre dicks! and thats the problem with the world today! every guy on earth thinks with his dick! think about it!! you know that every yuppie balding midle aged middle managment jerk off bible thumping wright wing niger wop spik cracker jack suberbionite chink gook ruskie who drives an SUV got it cus hes got a small dick!! face it!! no dickles fuck drives those shits up montains!!! they drive theyre fucking 2.3 kids to soccer and back!! every subberb on earth should be bombed off the face of the earth! and britny spears should be taken out and shot in the street!! and Léo Delibes should be exumed burned pissed on and cooked into bread, eaten and turned into shit!!

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

bit off topic, but okay. yeah! fuck em! fuck em all!

that was cool

it got way funnier when they got hat reformed cokehead rat i like the way he succumbed to coke at the end way funny

good work man

Just too good.

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Sep 18, 2006
12:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Original