Be Sprited 3

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these jokes, anyone can do better, please dont comment,and say, everyone could make this, we create this for fun,( i had this in the day i posted this subm..., now i am refilling it)

i am gonna setle this once and for all, for all the noob out there, who kept saying, the screaming was anoying? ...why the hell you watched it all? WHY!?,and there should be atleast 1 joke you liked, you act like there was only scream in it? there were 4!! spoofs, wich had...lines from a movie......and...yes...a
llot of screams, but 3/4 of the spoofs, were Pretty funny!?, you guys have no sense of humor, go watch ya SNB series, ...that is more suckier then thisXD!!

i removed a spoof, due the respect or whatever you wanna call it for tom fulpzorz
09/18/06 17:44
In noticed in Be Sprited 3, you made a personal attack on psycosis91 and his Thwomps series. I don't like to encourage personal attacks like that, so I'd like to ask if you could remove that from the movie. Are you ok with removing it?

there ya go..... unfair..



I am really happy that you guys came out with a part 3. I really didn't expect it to come out so soon. The voices and the music were just plain fantastic. They matched perfectly with the scenes that were going on. All of the scenes were beautifully done! Humor diserves an 11! I will review all the scenes one by one starting with rebaz. The #1 Scene was funny. The music was good and the ending was totally unsuspecting. The #2 Scene was Hilarious. It was funny how Hardman won't shut the fuck up. The #3 Scene killed me,hahaha! The music sounded so calm then all of a sudden he cut himself with the razor and screamed like a bitch! I was dying of laughter! The #4 Scene was very unique and I liked it. The Micheal Jackson music was Awesome and the way the guy glitched on Micheal was funny! The #5 Scene was Random! The guy was beating up Sponge Bob so bad that I laughed. The #6 Scene killed me as well! Mario was spazzing off the walls and out of nowhere comes Luigi saying Smoking can kill you. It's damn true! The #7 Scene was Random! The guy tried to punch a high speeding car, that's seriously random. The #8 Scene was alright. It wasn't as funny as the other ones but it was random so I'll give you credit for that. The #9 Scene was pretty cool. A mix a Tetris and Mortal Kombat was really well done. The ending was really random as well. The #10 Scene was really cool. The Song sounded Awesome and it was funny how his head was moving to the beat. The ending was quite funny as well. The #11 Scene was pretty funny. I liked how you made Psycosis work look so easy. lol! The #12 Scene was funny. The guys were laughing at him because of a missile that came out of no where. That's quite random. Ok, Now on to Questions Scenes. The #1 Scene was fucked up yet funny. That did look like rebaz a little bit too. lol! The #2 Scene was fucked up as well. It was like 6 against 2. That was so wrong it was funny. The #3 Scene brung back memeories with Be Sprited 1 with Megaman. Megaman was Awesome in Be Sprited 1. The #4 Scene was quite long and it made me laugh. The part that made me laugh was the South Park Characters speaking. It's also a cool and inspiring speach. Ok, now on to Afro's Scenes! The #1 Scene was good, I like it. It's funny how Megaman triped and Mario got hit badly! The #2 Scene was quite random. It was funny for a little bit though. The #3 Scene was alright. It gave me a little laugh. The #4 Scene was really random! Mr. T comeing out of nowhere was funny. The #5 Scene was good. The fighting scene was good until that ending came in the way. The #6 Scene was quite funny. I liked how peach got rejected by Mario. The #7 Scene was Hilarious! He sceamed like a bitch at the end! The #8 Scene was the funniest one you made. The last guy Beasted on screaming like a bitch! lol! The #9 Scene was quite weird. I really didn't get it but I Giggled a little bit. Ok, now on to DuDal Scenes. The #1 Scene was really funny. That had me laughing for a good minute! The #2 Scene quick but funny. Very random as well. The #3 Scene was fucked up yet funny. All the arrows had to kill him! The #4 Scene was Hilarious. I am guessing this is a Pardoy of Stampers Dick Drawings with the Penorcorns. The #5 Scene was the same one that rebaz did, quite weird. The #6 Scene was pretty cool and it gave me a little laugh. The #7 Scene was funny how he burned himself and he screamed like a little girl. Now, on to Crypus X Scenes! The #1 Scene made me laugh my ass off. That was Awesome! The #2 and last Scene was also Hialrious! That's a lot of Curse words. Well, that was exhausting! Thanks for putting me at the ending credits. If there is going to be a part 4 then I seriously can't wait. You guys are the best Sprite Comedians ever. Overall, this Flash was Fantasic was I loved watching it. Fantastic Work! Responses are gladly appreciated. :D 10/10 for you guys!


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rebaz responds:

seamonkey, seriously, thnx for that long review...getting it from you, is a different story, then some dude over the net, but yea, We realy liked reading this review, its different then everything else
it was like....Every scene you put your opinion in, realy cool, and yes, thnx for the 10!!, we wont forget you, Latta!!



that was the funnyest flash with sprites iv ever seen lmfao

The Best Humor

I love this movie its soo coo you need 2 hurry up and come out with 4

rebaz responds:

sorry, sorry, we are out of idea's , sad sad,

lol lmao rofl funny sh**

funny dude!i dont want to talk to you i just want BANG BANG BAN G !!!!lol wat was that song :]

that was soooo funny i was LMAO!!

nice and very funny

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Sep 17, 2006
2:36 PM EDT
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