Be Sprited 3

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these jokes, anyone can do better, please dont comment,and say, everyone could make this, we create this for fun,( i had this in the day i posted this subm..., now i am refilling it)

i am gonna setle this once and for all, for all the noob out there, who kept saying, the screaming was anoying? ...why the hell you watched it all? WHY!?,and there should be atleast 1 joke you liked, you act like there was only scream in it? there were 4!! spoofs, wich had...lines from a movie......and...yes...a
llot of screams, but 3/4 of the spoofs, were Pretty funny!?, you guys have no sense of humor, go watch ya SNB series, ...that is more suckier then thisXD!!

i removed a spoof, due the respect or whatever you wanna call it for tom fulpzorz
09/18/06 17:44
In noticed in Be Sprited 3, you made a personal attack on psycosis91 and his Thwomps series. I don't like to encourage personal attacks like that, so I'd like to ask if you could remove that from the movie. Are you ok with removing it?

there ya go..... unfair..


Now THIS is the best one yet!

Guys, I have to say this is by far the best one yet. Perhaps it is top heavy on Megaman and Double Dragon (two of my all time favorites) but this is it!

Really enjoyed a lot of the segments, especailly the one where Abobo is singing and then Billy and Jimmy make retarded faces and grunts. Plus any segment with Megaman sticking it to one of the enemies was great too. Plus the one with the DD and Abobo on the bridge...that funny thing happens while they act all shocked!

This one was great again guys. Looking foward to BS 4.

Peace out!

rebaz responds:

DOUBLE DRAGON...= LOVE!! ...porn marian and billy..

make another

rofl rofl rofl, omfg that was funny plz make another! wats the name of that song it's weird


so frickin funny man "I don't want to talk to you, I just want BANG BANG BANG!!!"
I nearly shit my pants man!!!!!


lol finally the SHADDAP! megaman's back


this was actually pretty good at first I thought it sucked but as it went on I loved it.(this next comment I mean in a good way :D)it said for mario that he was a shroom addict,but are were you on shroom's when you came up with some of these

btw,5/5 it was a cool flash

rebaz responds:

lol, nahh. we are just crazy people who try enjoying lifeXD, so yea......ASDGL:ASDG


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Sep 17, 2006
2:36 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody