Be Sprited 3

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these jokes, anyone can do better, please dont comment,and say, everyone could make this, we create this for fun,( i had this in the day i posted this subm..., now i am refilling it)

i am gonna setle this once and for all, for all the noob out there, who kept saying, the screaming was anoying? ...why the hell you watched it all? WHY!?,and there should be atleast 1 joke you liked, you act like there was only scream in it? there were 4!! spoofs, wich had...lines from a movie......and...yes...a
llot of screams, but 3/4 of the spoofs, were Pretty funny!?, you guys have no sense of humor, go watch ya SNB series, ...that is more suckier then thisXD!!

i removed a spoof, due the respect or whatever you wanna call it for tom fulpzorz
09/18/06 17:44
In noticed in Be Sprited 3, you made a personal attack on psycosis91 and his Thwomps series. I don't like to encourage personal attacks like that, so I'd like to ask if you could remove that from the movie. Are you ok with removing it?

there ya go..... unfair..


South Park

Hey there was a part with South Park shit! xP AWESOME! More more more!


oh god so funny its all random shit lmfao thats what made it funny keep it up

Everyone needs to read this

You need to cool it with the hate you're spreading, Rebaz. With you're skit abusing Psy's work and putting my name in there, you are the biggest retard of Newgrounds.

1. You have to understand that Tweening is a flash technique and just because someone uses tweens it does not mean the flash is therefore automatically not worthy of being watched. Plus how would you know how other animators animate. They could very well be FBFing, using Movie Clips etc.
2. We are all a community of flash animators and there's no need for hate between any of us. That's what Newgrounds is about, it says so right in the slogan. "Everything, by Everyone" If you don't fucking like something animated by someone, it shouldn't affect you, your animations, or your life. There is no need to go hate on the movie you don't like. We come here as a community to share each and every one of our artisitic talents, whether it be through animation, game programming, and/or music composition. We don't need dipshits like Rebaz making stupid comments, or hateful scenes in this flash community.
3. Rebaz, listen and listen good. You are a complete ASSHOLE, and you need to get whatever the hell is up your ass, pull it out and at least put in some effort into being nice for a change. I've put up with your abuse to everyone and your behaviour towards a lot of people for too long.
4. I'm sorry to other animators or anyone else if this review was a bit 'extreme' but the situation needs to be dealt with. Either Rebaz shapes up and stops this or he should ship out (voluntarily or forcefully, whichever course is needed)

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rebaz responds:

i didnt read it all, but why the useless review XD?
i am a asshole indeed, but the one thing you are forgetting, this is just the net....i dont even care who you are man, and making fun of his stuff, why dont he makes fun of my DD? i would love to see that, cause its funny, if he made a hate-spoof about my DD i would love it...only if its funny,if issent funny(wich probaly is) i would go like...0_o THAT SUCKED, and so .....the world turns [insert lame scream] "next spoof"

good but ...

everything was nice but the random and too loud screming really got annoying

shit hilarous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that was so fuckin hilarous!!! hahahahahahaha! and hahahahahaha!

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4.13 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2006
2:36 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody