Be Sprited 3

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these jokes, anyone can do better, please dont comment,and say, everyone could make this, we create this for fun,( i had this in the day i posted this subm..., now i am refilling it)

i am gonna setle this once and for all, for all the noob out there, who kept saying, the screaming was anoying? ...why the hell you watched it all? WHY!?,and there should be atleast 1 joke you liked, you act like there was only scream in it? there were 4!! spoofs, wich had...lines from a movie......and...yes...a
llot of screams, but 3/4 of the spoofs, were Pretty funny!?, you guys have no sense of humor, go watch ya SNB series, ...that is more suckier then thisXD!!

i removed a spoof, due the respect or whatever you wanna call it for tom fulpzorz
09/18/06 17:44
In noticed in Be Sprited 3, you made a personal attack on psycosis91 and his Thwomps series. I don't like to encourage personal attacks like that, so I'd like to ask if you could remove that from the movie. Are you ok with removing it?

there ya go..... unfair..


The running gags are priceless...

May there be ones like this in the future?

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you stole too many things too many things

pretty uneventful :\

This had 2 or 3 good skits. The rest were EXTREMELY pointless, and not the "so random it's funny" pointless, just flat out "there aren't any jokes here" pointless. I enjoyed the first two of the series but this feels like no effort was put into it at all, and if thats actually the case....why bother posting it then? I know everyone else has said it but already but the screaming in almost overy skit served no purpose, each one made it less and less funny.

so in conclusion: "you guys have no sense of humor, go watch ya SNB series, ...that is more suckier then thisXD!!"

what you want me to hit you, that right.

I love 16 bit games

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The Part Where 4 Guys Scream was Hilariuos and The Part of it where Pimple sayed Holy Dogshit was funny

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4.13 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2006
2:36 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody