Sunday Comics & Toons 003

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Happy Sunday, everyone! This week, see an alien, a zombie, a man with no penis, a teacher, a girl coming out of the shower and more! All made in animated comic strips and short toons!

(This comic includes a comic by paoloproductions you may have seen before. "Man Without a Penis". It is an edited, sped-up version he gave us for the collab. He is part of this collab this week)

Please leave a review, I will reply! And if you would like to join, please go to the BBS thread http://www.newgrounds.co

Stats! 8 authors, 20 fps, 3 songs, preloader by RSQViper and Shmelo, times wanted to destroy my computer because of sound issues: 17!!!



The man with no penis......

Didn't I once see that on Perry BIble felloweship? Huh I wonder if that jokes been going on for ages. Either way I liked all the parts to this. I cant wait to see the rest. <3

keep it up bud'

Your stuff keeps gettin betta the mo that i c that pop up 1 was funny
i didnt like the no penis 1 it was kinda.........weird and gory dont get me wrong i love blood but it was kinda like that 1 emo episode thingy
well keep it up and uve got a fan 4 life and like last review expect 1 mo
preety soon


RSQViper responds:

Hey, thanks for the review. Good to have a fan for life!

Hooray for sunday!

Wow I'm already a fan now. These flashes are awesome, it must be hard work making new ones every week. I really hope these get their own collection, that would be pretty cool. Anyway, keep making these please! Your all doing a great job! Heres a poem to encourage you all:

Hooray for sunday,
Shedding new light on sunday,
now I have reason to like sunday,
Whereas before I did not.
So come, sunday,
Bring the sunday toons,
Now I have said sunday,
Rather a lot.


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RSQViper responds:

Best. Poem. Ever.

HAHA! I like that a lot, man. Very nice. I'm glad you're liking the Sunday C&Ts so much. Just keep coming sown on Sundas and checking for them because they aren't stopping any time soon.


^^Good Points^^
This is the first of these I've actually watched, so I'm not too keen on whether this is up to par or not to the other ones, but it surely is an enjoyable collaboration. The different parts of this were short, but still entertaining, which is always something I like. The graphics were generally pretty well done, and the music was my favorite part. Overall, you put this together and presented it professionally and well.

^^Needs Improving^^
I really don't like the menu, because the text and buttons on it are pretty hard to read to me atleast. Other than that, hope to see next week's edition.

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RSQViper responds:

Well, you'll be happy to know that #004 that was released today had an entirely different menu system. You should check it out. =)

Thanks for the review!

Very Good, As Usual

I liked how there was more than one toon this time. Another great installment in this unique series. Good work, guys. I look forward to more.

The graphics were smooth, it's unique, I loved the music, it was funny, and an all-round good effort.

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RSQViper responds:

Why thank you very much. You're becoming a regular in these reviewing parts, ain't cha'?

And as for how many toons come out every week, we obviously try to get at least one in, but it's just dependant on who does what each week.

Thanks for dropping a line!

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3.75 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2006
9:38 AM EDT
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