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Update - 27/04/07

100k views! Thanks ALOT guys!!!


Thanks for all the support thus far NG and the Daily Feature! Also a big thanks to Tom for adding me to the collections and the Front Page a while back!!!

Hey Guys,

Probably my best work to date. The movie shows the epic journey of an SWF file. The plot has been explored before (me being one of them with SWF Fate), but I always really enjoyed it. It took me 2 and a half weeks to do!

Music: Danny Elfman - Batman the Movie Theme
The Rest: Me

Mason Roberts


Interesting Interpetation

I enjoyed watching your ideas taken place in animation form, giving character to the idea itself and atmosphere to what i suppose is inside the uploading process or some shit, clever.

Very Creative

Its pretty good, and the grahics are nice.


I have never seen a flash even like this. The journey of the swf file.
Could use a bit more story, not just some flashing things and a "gate" opening.
However the music really fit with the flash!

not bad

It wasn't bad, i thought it was very well animated, and kind of fun to try and figure out what each part was supposed to represent (if anything), but i wish the ending would have completed the story more - you know, to show if the file went on to be one of the most famous of all time or if it was to simply be lost in the mountainous pile that is the newgrounds failures forever. Kind of a fun idea, in any case.


Graphics: awesome artwork, too bad it was wasted
Style: original idea, shoulda stayed in the head though
Sound: not fond of continuing loop of the them from the Batman TV show
Violence: none present
Interactivity: N/A
Humor: quite boring

You have potential to make some awesome movies, but this one really was beneath you. It was short, pointless, and 9/10 people aren't going to understand what shit is (glowing ball = virus scanner I'm guessing, etc.). Maybe next time.

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4.14 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2006
7:32 AM EDT