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Update - 27/04/07

100k views! Thanks ALOT guys!!!


Thanks for all the support thus far NG and the Daily Feature! Also a big thanks to Tom for adding me to the collections and the Front Page a while back!!!

Hey Guys,

Probably my best work to date. The movie shows the epic journey of an SWF file. The plot has been explored before (me being one of them with SWF Fate), but I always really enjoyed it. It took me 2 and a half weeks to do!

Music: Danny Elfman - Batman the Movie Theme
The Rest: Me

Mason Roberts



Just amazing, perfect graphics, lovely style, music fitted perfectly,TOP 10 for sure :)

who woulda guessed

i didn't expect to see something as good as this but it was great


the good:

that was awesome. great graphics, fit the music well and was very epic.

the bad:

originality. very lacking in originality. the submit to NG type flash has been done numerous times and you used unoriginal portal graphics.

watch one of mine (NOTLB) and you can see how you can put and original spin on NG if you want. i never made the next episode however just because as you can see (if you watch it) how bad my artistic skills are. if you're interested in talking you can PM me.

really great job

everything you have on this movie is a great job. keep it up like this and you will become a great flash artist and reknown at NG. if you ever need a script writer. you can always contact me

This is my 100th review

The onse that say it was too short and give this purely good flash with such a high messege ARE MORONS. It doesnt have to be exciting nor does it have to be long to be good . U are the kind of dudez who should go away because 1. I think u seriously dont understand how hard it is to make something as good as this 2. U may be a noob and for that i hate u
3. If u dont know how to rate something so GOOD as this then dont rate at all , dumbasses. So to the author Mason Roberts (Masonogy1) know that u did a hellish awesome job and u deserve a five for the style , graphics, meaning ( of the flash wich seems to be sorta like plotting) , Good fitting music ( EVEN IF IT WAS FROM BATMAN- To u "batman" hating music dudes, not do i like batman i just think that this back music...lol). So this was a very good full piece of art , work .
Continue with ur style!

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4.14 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2006
7:32 AM EDT