Weird Al - You're Pitiful

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With Weird Al releasing a new cd, some record company told Al he couldnt have this song on his album (Legal Matters). The artist James Blunt said it was okay, but his record company said no. The song hes paroding is James Blunt's - Your Beautiful. "You're Pitiful" it a very funny parody that Weird Al did a great job making. We tried to be alot like the original "Your Beautiful" music video. Please enjoy!



watch the video

best video of the song ive seen was someone just replacing the james blunt song with the weird al song, kept the video and it worked perfect, this though....yeesh, not gonna rag on it as its far better than anything i could produce, was just too...jerky. Movements were not fluid in any way. Other than that though it was a brave attempt. Just work on adding a few more frames in and you will do fine. Remember, quanitity over quality :)

not such a great one

the reason for this is because of the lip syncing and not all actions were there the dog wasnt there and a few more make his eyes blink also he looks as though hes a robot


that sucked u need a little more mouth action and u need more thing pasaz

I liked it.

I liked it. I admit that it was kinda boring cuz there wazn't any action like in most of his videos, but it was really good. Nice job.

P.S. It was atlantic records. Al also kinda didn't want to put it on because it would delay the album release, but it was mostly atlantic records. In concert when he sung this song, he had a shirt that said "Atlantic Records Sucks!" It was hilarious!

fricken hilarious

i liked the animation and it went well with the song

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Sep 17, 2006
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