Weird Al - You're Pitiful

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**FRONT PAGE & 4th Place THX NG!**

With Weird Al releasing a new cd, some record company told Al he couldnt have this song on his album (Legal Matters). The artist James Blunt said it was okay, but his record company said no. The song hes paroding is James Blunt's - Your Beautiful. "You're Pitiful" it a very funny parody that Weird Al did a great job making. We tried to be alot like the original "Your Beautiful" music video. Please enjoy!



it was alright

1 great choice for a song...and I like how you tried to do a parody of the orignal video...standard, but good idea. Your graphics were alright, I like how you had the newer Al, without the mustache ..but he doesn't wear the glasses. The main problem I had with it was the lip syncing. It wasn’t very good considering the video kinda relies on it. I know it can be tiresome, but you mainly need to work on your "s" "th" and "f" lips lol. This MAY get blammed, I gave you a 5 to try to stop it, but it was lacking a lot..but only because James blunts was lacking a lot lol...its a good song (and since it WONT be on his cd, it WONT have a video to it..so SOMEONE had to) good job, could be better, but at least you did the whole song..I was afraid you would bail halfway...hate when ppl do that lol

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YOU'RE beautiful :-)

LOL gay

Can't beleive he did a parody of that song XD tis awesome

Nice jerb mon

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wow that was sooo good, l really liked the dancing halo dudes, definitly gets a 5, and prolly wont be blammed

Great Job

That was a good flash movie you made there and and liked the music alot. Well good job again.

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Sep 17, 2006
12:29 AM EDT
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