Rats on Cocaine - Ep # 1

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Meet Cage & Alice. He's an abusive paranoid schizophrenic. She's a selfish sadistic bitch. Two lab rats utilized to test the effects of massive habitual cocaine use.

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What did i just witness, to be honest I dont even know If I wanna give this a good rating or a bad rating. This is just terrifying.

this is where its fucking at.

would you like to have homosexual intercourse... LOL

I didn't find this great, but I still enjoyed it. I love the design with Alice's nipples. It makes biological sense. Then again, I don't know how many nipples rats have. The animation was good, though it was off in some points. I do think it was too long.

There weren't quite enough jokes to support the whole thing. The funniest part may have been the Pac-Man bit. The gay rats part was good too. These are really grotesque designs. Pinky and the Brain, they are not.

not bad, I miss these cartoons