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(UPDATED) no more ugly smiley morphs !! ;)
IF you just look at this movie thinking, oh well another stupid flash by a random user... you are wrong !!!
But, just take your time to analyse each scene of this movie, you will understand things. (What people are scared of) To help you, I put the answers in each scene.It will appear as A Flash. I didn't want to give you the answer right away because I want you to think. By the way, you can make your own answers !! I just showed my point of view but other points are right too. This flash is what you think too.
But the most important thing, ENJOY



I dunno- you can't escape death or whatever. It is "unknown" (freaky fisherman turns around) don't know what you're goin 2 catch. Can't hide, but can die.
future- blood dropped into puddle it was another moment gone, closer to future
well thats my take

Your work fascinates me

Having just viewed your latest submission I thought I'd watch this one. This was very interesting. I enjoyed it, very much so. I'll be keeping an eye out for your future submissions.

Inspiration never ceases to strike for you :P

So far, this is undoubtedly your magnum opus, L-P. You let yourself go creatively without however letting go with the quality of your work. As you can see, this is a winning formula!

One remark however: to make such Flash even greater, you might want to match and make audio and visuals interrelate. 'Enough!' is just great animation with great music but no relation between the two... no sound effects, no corresponding moments of tension with audio and video.

Anyways, good job fool.

LP12 responds:

Thx fool but you should do a Nice a scary song with a wierd atmoshphere because my next movie is comming soon ..

Little creepy

Great flash L-P nothing to say
I liked it because graphics were simple and neat, and the style is really great! The idea is fine, but it's a little creepy though. But I kind of understand your point of view of people's fears in the movie. Anyway, great work! Keep on ur great work!

LP12 responds:

:P ghettoo ! another one is comming soon !

That was messed up.

I really liked your style of drawing, reminded me of David Firth's work. Most of it was good, however the part where the face morphed was kind of awkward. Instead of making it morph like that, you should of just made it change suddenly every 2 seconds or so. I also wished the words would stay up there a tiny bit longer so I could read them.

Other than that, the movie was pretty cool. Nice job, and thanks for using my song :P

LP12 responds:

no prob man I know i'll work on those morph emotions caus it doesn't fit in the movie..

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Sep 16, 2006
11:17 PM EDT