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Starogre goes on a quest with his best friend, Ogrestar to take back his pet rock, Rocko, from his evil nemesis, Dr. Shoo, and his minions, the Shoebees.

Did this short movie as animation practice. I just animated to a very thin plot line... Tell me what you think.


PS - special thanks to b0unc3 for the music and glaiel for the movie controls!


hehehehehehheheee funny ;) i think...:S

hehehehehehheheee funny ;) i think...:S but errr.... well de musiks gd!!! so yer gogogo cant wait 4 more :)

very nice

that drawing was nice, the sound was nice.
story wise i think it resembled two pieces of bread with no meat in between. need a thicker plot. like why kidnap a rock? you know?
but i guess you already know what to do.

hope that helped.

Starogre responds:

That's for me to know and you to find out! :P

ahhahaha man this is funny

ahahhaha holy crap i hope this never gets made.. read the review before me to find out why.. and then watch this to find out why is deserves a zero.. like what is this? just.. please dont do this to everyone on newgrounds.. this was terrible
but! I loved the soundtrack.. do better next time.. or dont do anything at all


can't believe a starogre is in the works???? i mean i saw the old one... and i can't believe it but it totally uhhh SUCKED sorry but true...... still i think some people are forgetting that this flash here is JUST A TRAILER alright i mean yeah it looks like the real thing will be off the hook as long as you have a deeper vioce lol i remember the old one had the suckiest vioce acting i've ever heard in any movie and the vioces for the other characters all just sounded pretty much the same..... but yeah good luck on your flash dude hope it's good..... so i can write a review that i want to write

Starogre responds:

Where does it say this is a trailer? Read the description 'short movie for practice with animation'. Nowhere does it say it's JUST A TRAILER. Next time you review please make sense.


i wish i was a Starorgre so i could lose my pet rock and kill some white haired hippie and some bees.

Starogre responds:

Me too :P

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3.72 / 5.00

Sep 16, 2006
11:06 AM EDT
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