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Cool! Finally on the collections page! Hopefully this Flash will stretch its arms out to a wider audience this way. :)

Update (28-10-08): As we all know, Jagex has added some very silly updates to their game over the past year or-so. This nerfing, followed by a petty graphical update I find quite amusing, and I continue to laugh at videos showing players in distress due to the alterations :p

Original Comments:

this "game" took me about 6 hours to make. I am a former runescape player, and played on and off for a total of about 22 months. Runescape is a VERY addicting game, and i would NEVER recommend the game to anyone. this is to be meant to be taken as a HIGHY ACCURATE representation of the game, and anyone who has previously played runescape will probobly agree with this in all of its truth. If you have not ever played runescape, or have recently started playing, and have watched this video, i would suggest you cease playing runescape immediately, and spend your time doing better things. (going out with friends, play better games, DO HOMEWORK... ect.)



wtf was that all about i really dont get it rubbish graphics and needs more things to do on it .

bkdude responds:

well, i did make it in 6 hours...

Untrue and Revolting

I only give a 2 because the really stupid people actually act like that, but it's kind of funny. Sadly this game wasted about 5 years of my life, because it is a very good game. Can be contrasted to Pixelated Crack. Although if you don't have an addictive personality it's a fun game to play when you're bored.

I became addicted because of competition with a real life friend/rival who said his account would be better then mine, and me and him played a good three years trying to out beat each other.

I suggest making one that's a bit less insulting and not everyone that plays online games look like a total nerd. It could have been funny. :)

bkdude responds:

Hahah I don't even know how to respond do this one. You just blew my mind.

If you ever encounter real drugs sometime in your life, RUN. Just... RUN.


no offense but.....your "game" is not good

bkdude responds:

it isnt supposed to be. its supposed to mock runescape.

I thank you for your review, as this game reflects directly from my own experiences in runescape :p

All that happens is that you get banned!

I did like the pokes at jagex tho

bkdude responds:

mmm hmmmm :-)

... "Accurate...?"

Accurate my foot. The artistry was horrible*I do acknowledge the fact that you took 6 hrs to make it*, The music needs to be changed*looping the former entry music=bad*, and it overall sucked. And on the accuracy, you failed. the whole thing was wrong.

bkdude responds:

1: It is accurate in a scaled sense. If you spend a lot of time mining, you will eventually (anywhere from a few minutes to years) gain the urge to cheat. If you ill-fatedly try selling something, you will, eventually try to over-exemplify its quality (yet due to trading limitations this has been slightly altered). I do admit that a lot is parodized though.

2: The artistry was meant to portray in a satirical sense, the graphics present in the game at the time. Please note that I submitted this work in August of 2006, before any new "graphical" update, which does increase the visual quality of the game, but nevertheless, continues to fall short behind other games made even many years ago.

3: The music was current with the runescape theme at the time. I do realize it has changed to a more recent symphony, but I find the original theme more nostolgic and other former/concurrent players might find this as well.

4: The thing was meant to suck, to reflect Runescape, and even though the accuracy might be a bit slanted, many points still stand. To state that the entire thing is wrong is an overstatement.

Here are the points I tried to express by making this:
1: The community of Runescape is to a much lower standard than other MMOs
2: The game shows a great deal of repetition and monotomy.
3: The outcome of the game is always the same; End player loses after an allocated amount of time between a few seconds, or an indefinite number of years.

I could update this game with new scenerios considering Jagex has made some nerfs/improvements to their game in the past two years, but I have ceased caring, but continue to reply to reviews to back this submission up than to let it wither as another faceless submission. (every review for this Flash has a response) By your review, I have taken the assumption that you probobly A: currently play, enjoy, and defend Runescape and B: have not read other reviews sufficiently before creating your own.

Have a good day sir, and may I suggest taking up new hobbies?

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Sep 16, 2006
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