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Runescape Simulator

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Sep 16, 2006 | 3:26 AM EDT

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  • Runescape
    Runescape The popular web-based MMORPG has inspired numerous spoofs and tributes!

Author Comments

Cool! Finally on the collections page! Hopefully this Flash will stretch its arms out to a wider audience this way. :)

Update (28-10-08): As we all know, Jagex has added some very silly updates to their game over the past year or-so. This nerfing, followed by a petty graphical update I find quite amusing, and I continue to laugh at videos showing players in distress due to the alterations :p

Original Comments:

this "game" took me about 6 hours to make. I am a former runescape player, and played on and off for a total of about 22 months. Runescape is a VERY addicting game, and i would NEVER recommend the game to anyone. this is to be meant to be taken as a HIGHY ACCURATE representation of the game, and anyone who has previously played runescape will probobly agree with this in all of its truth. If you have not ever played runescape, or have recently started playing, and have watched this video, i would suggest you cease playing runescape immediately, and spend your time doing better things. (going out with friends, play better games, DO HOMEWORK... ect.)



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un true

i dont believe in any of these i quit and this is all bullshit my friend. but i guess wat eva u people believe in. i cant tell you wat to believe in.

bkdude responds:

well its good that you quit. I should have added "boredom" to this back when i made it, but whatever.

I'm guessing you're playing much better games and/or doing much better things with your time now that you don't have the runescape burden on your shoulders anymore :)


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Bad animation.......

Just lousy.......and are u trying to say that rune scape isnt fun/good?

bkdude responds:

thats exactly what i meant to say. its a completely pointless game and nobody should play it. and telling by your icon you have a very sad life.


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haha fun game fun runescape. play runescape
feel simulated


Rated 1 / 5 stars

So gay that...

You took the time to make a flash about it...

Rather than waste your time playing it, you made a horrible program and posted it on Newgrounds. Time well spent! -.-

bkdude responds:

My original intention when creating this was to educate.

You figure, the five hours I spent making this probobly saved hundreds of years of potential RS players' time.

"Rather than waste your time playing it, you made a horrible program and posted it on Newgrounds"
Wait, what? You seriously need to spend more time constructing sentences/paragraphs. Your sarcasm was incredibly dry and you compared me making this rather than actually PLAYING runescape, which is a horrible comparison to make a claim against me with.

Let me help you. "Rather than get a job and make money, you made a horrible program and posted it on Newgrounds."
Doesn't that make me sound a lot dumber?

Take the hit this time and make your arguments/rants more presentable for the future.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Meh. Two.

What difference would it make for someone to and play something like WoW? Does playing "better games" prevent you from having glasses and smiling like a geek on the computer? This is not a "highly accurate" representation of the game, it's more of a highly accurate representation of how to fail on the the game itself and praise inappropriate behavior such as randomly hating on people who haven't done anything at all, scamming players because you are too lazy to earn your own worth of items, and lying to people about an item because there's no better way to sell nooby crap. You're not obligated to play the game for a straight ten hours a day, and as a matter of fact I do quit the game when I'm bored from time to time. You CAN go out with friends, do homework, and have a life outside of Runescape. You just need to know how to balance it out on in my opinion. So there's no need to obliterate the game from existence!

Don't get me wrong though, I found the flash a bit funny, but that's pretty much all that I liked about it despite the crappy animations..

bkdude responds:

Finally, out of all of these reviews, an intellegent point of view. I immediately respect you for this.

To start off, my original thesis concluding this flash roughly equates to this: "No matter how much you play RS, your endgame will always be same, regardless how long or how hard you've played, you'll find yourself either breaking rules or being annoyed by the imperative community, (Or, if you hit the X button unsatisfied, boredom :p) thus quitting"

Now, there is no difference between playing runescape and playing WoW (well, other than the mega-huge WoW installation period) because both fall under the genre of MMORPGs. My realization of my hatred towards the poor execution of this genre (grind, fight, grind, -$5, pvp a little, grind, -$5, grind, grind, -$5, quit) has developed throughout the years and this Flash animation was one of my ways of venting that early frustration in hopes of saving even one soul from bellyflopping into this abyss.

Now, I do admit there probobly was/is/willbe a good MMORPG, however, these specific game developers seem bent on making money on turning people's boredom into addiction and don't want to focus on actually improving any fun factor. (however, anything can be fun when you have ten friends to accompany you, well, except Dragonball Evolution... better not talk about that...)

Personally, i find sticking to simple genres such as FPSs, basic MMOs, RTSs, or singleplayer RPGs (oblivion, fallout) deem themselves most appropriate for most bored people.

There is one example however of an MMORPG that I find myself playing one month every two years. Puzzle Pirates. This game contains absolute minimal grinding and actually has many characteristics pertaining to skill. One can play poker and gain a massive fortune, or one can actually improve their skill in a specific puzzle and make good money specializing in that, or, as I did once, figure out the immersive in-game, entirely player-run economy and form a monopoly, toppling all others of the same type.

No other MMO that I have come across shares those characteristics.

In the end, my theology is; why "click click click click click click x9000" when you can "click, left shift, right click, [use brain]" and leave with no great urge to "GAIN ONE LEVEL" or "DO ONE MORE QUEST" and rather just "play a game"