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Cool! Finally on the collections page! Hopefully this Flash will stretch its arms out to a wider audience this way. :)

Update (28-10-08): As we all know, Jagex has added some very silly updates to their game over the past year or-so. This nerfing, followed by a petty graphical update I find quite amusing, and I continue to laugh at videos showing players in distress due to the alterations :p

Original Comments:

this "game" took me about 6 hours to make. I am a former runescape player, and played on and off for a total of about 22 months. Runescape is a VERY addicting game, and i would NEVER recommend the game to anyone. this is to be meant to be taken as a HIGHY ACCURATE representation of the game, and anyone who has previously played runescape will probobly agree with this in all of its truth. If you have not ever played runescape, or have recently started playing, and have watched this video, i would suggest you cease playing runescape immediately, and spend your time doing better things. (going out with friends, play better games, DO HOMEWORK... ect.)


JaGeX really is, truth be told...

Yes, I run the National Guard of Runescape, and I know fair well how JaGeX can manipulate the rules and abuse them or bend them as they see fit. And yes, they have a dry sense of humor as shown by your flash game-simulator.

We posted a discussion labeled "W9HQ" and both Mod Lorenzo and Mod Seven horribly edited the recruitment topic on RS BB. And while they CLAIM it is illegal to reference other websites, they themselves boast in RS News about how wonderful TehNoobShow is for showing them the light of the way to using YouTube to promote the game, when it was in fact Kire667 whom earned all the bans since 2005-2006, and perm ban 2006-2009, in order to show JaGeX that all websites are not malware, hackers, nor scammer. And now they introduced a list of these so-called "safe" sites, based on the British system of justification ("what we say IS the law").

9 stars for keeping the truth about JaGeX something referenced in the free speech area called NewGrounds -- a place untainted by British law.

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bkdude responds:

Why thank you for your kind-hearted and comparably professional review.

I haven't played RS in years :p

I played on one of my alts for about an hour a few weeks ago. They really mega-nerfed the game since 04' when I first played...

The whole MMORPG genre is becoming quite a drag though. It was great when I was 10 but now that I've got different things to do, such games seem pretty silly :D

I do thank you and your clan, however, for fighting to preserve the pleasurable aspects of RS.

Simple but funny

This just looked so funny but all of the jokes made me laugh like mad nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bkdude responds:

hmmm... sounds reasonable since your name is "runescapeguylol"

glad you liked it.


the graphics weren't good but this is exactly what happened to this game

bkdude responds:

yeah, this series of events usually happens to everyone

Fun Lol xD

I never liked Runescape much.
WoW is way addictiver
Just you have to pay <:[

bkdude responds:

exactly, so why bother.

i quit MMORPGs alltogether. i prefer singleplayer RPGs, strategy games, and FPSs better, even though i play them much less than i used to.


i think RS is gay
yes it is really really gay who agrees wiith me?
MOD: this post has been deleted due to feact that rs is not gay but actually bi
have fun on ur 3 day ban smileyface :-)

bkdude responds:

and thats exactly how the RS BBS works :)

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Sep 16, 2006
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