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Runescape Simulator

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Cool! Finally on the collections page! Hopefully this Flash will stretch its arms out to a wider audience this way. :)

Update (28-10-08): As we all know, Jagex has added some very silly updates to their game over the past year or-so. This nerfing, followed by a petty graphical update I find quite amusing, and I continue to laugh at videos showing players in distress due to the alterations :p

Original Comments:

this "game" took me about 6 hours to make. I am a former runescape player, and played on and off for a total of about 22 months. Runescape is a VERY addicting game, and i would NEVER recommend the game to anyone. this is to be meant to be taken as a HIGHY ACCURATE representation of the game, and anyone who has previously played runescape will probobly agree with this in all of its truth. If you have not ever played runescape, or have recently started playing, and have watched this video, i would suggest you cease playing runescape immediately, and spend your time doing better things. (going out with friends, play better games, DO HOMEWORK... ect.)



To this day, this is one of my favorite things on all of Newgrounds. Quite accurate too. ;) Too bad there aren't more "simulators" like this!

bkdude responds:

:3 yep


runescape sucks and this sucks

bkdude responds:

I'm glad you got the message.

so true

i think you copied runescape exactly how it is i would know

bkdude responds:



That's actually pretty accurate and funny at the same time. I'll tell you a spoiler on how to win the game: don't play rs.

bkdude responds:



It would be fun doing something else than fail

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bkdude responds:

It isn't supposed to be fun. It's RUNESCAPE.

If you were looking to have fun, go talk with a homeless crack addict. Thats fun.

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Sep 16, 2006
3:26 AM EDT
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