StickTheater 3

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Hey, I made it to round 3. Stoked to make it this far. I would like to say that you guys who have been leaving me such nice reviews in the other 2, your the reason this whole series has made it so far. Thanks. :)

As for the movie, I'd say the deaths have gotten more random, but some could argue that it's consistancy is still the same as the others. Looking forward to what you all have to say about this one, so, yea, on with number 3.



You have flash...USE IT!!! Make cool stick animation like this in FLASH instead of Pivot. Flash animaitons are WAY better in quality and can acutally have alot more detail and color. Black and white gets boring after awhile. Please, don't post anymore, I reviewed the same on the last two...USE FLASH not PIVOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

TheMillz responds:

I see where you are coming from, but if I were to use flash, I wouldn't even bother with sticks. I actully made these animations back when all I had was pivot.I just put them into flash only recently. I appretiate you explaining the low score though, most ppl just say 1, you suck, nah nah nah so, yea....

Very well done!

I really liked this flash. Normally i just watch half the animation and vote on it but this i had to see if it was something special or something worthless. I really loved the style of violence in this alot and i also liked the slow-mo part where i kinda freeze-framed what he was doing and then went back into fast. Another good point about this flash was that i had so many different levels of violence. Now im not some kinda sicko guy who loves blood but i do like it when stick movies are a little bit violent. Also the Nickleback song in the background really went well with the motion of this flash, It really stuck out. Well this was a great flash and i know your gonna go far on newgrounds. Maybe a fourth part? Maybe you will get your own series for this if you make enough of them. Good luck with future flashes.


TheMillz responds:

Thanks, that means alot. :)

Very impressive

Being a huge Prince of Persia fan, I gotta say I am very impressed.

TheMillz responds:

Ditto on the Prince thing. Ever since it came out, it's been a heavy influence on my work.

Pivot Specialist

You are definitely great at using pivot.

I love the style of simply black on white. You do it very well, for sure.

Hopefully there will be a 4th as you hint at.

If you keep racking up Daily awards how could you not add them? =)

Great job

Once again, a great set of stick deaths and action scenes. Great animating, nice with the slow motion kill. Nice music too. Hope there will be more Stabika in the future. Great kills on that one.

TheMillz responds:

Oh...there will be Stabika my friend. I'm about to release a BIG Stabika project very soon... so just sit tight.

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4.04 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2006
9:46 PM EDT
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