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Ordinary Fascism

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Sep 15, 2006 | 9:32 PM EDT

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Author Comments

First of all I would like to clarify some points:
[1] This is NOT a nazi propaganda (or a pro nazi video, or something like that)
[2] This music video DOES NOT imply\state that Rammstein are nazis (not that I really care, what ignorant ppl would think)
[3] I DO know what the song is about, I always knew; I know the lyrics and the meaning behind and that was one of the reasons for choosing it. (the lyrics were written in response to allegations of fascism/nazism directed at the band.)

This video is the second one in my Atrocities of Humanity cycle, the first one was Puritania, the third and last one will be Eradication Instincts Defined (at least if i ever finish it, i dont have even a half the matereal for what i've planned)
My point is to show you what humans really are and that the only goal of human race existence is self destruction (which wiill definitly be the end to the whole biosphere of the planet ).
Enjoy ! >:E

SOme guy on youtube wrote me the following:

"Rammstein has worked very hard to separate themselves from the
facist/nazi connections -- using their music as a soundtrack for
a film with the propaganda, no matter your point, hurts the band.
There are complete idiots out there who are going to completely miss the
intended point, and just remember that Rammstein was the backdrop for a Nazi demonstration."

In case you feel the same way and want to write something like that in the review I'll respond in advance:
1) I'm not a Rammstein fan 2) I dont care what stupid people think 3) I SERIOUSLY doubt my petty flash can heart anybody, especially a famous band like Rammstein.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

rammstein is the best

i love this song


Rated 5 / 5 stars

this is empowering shit

show what you can do with a couple crazy peoples in a goverment and some gullible people


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Diffrent view from mine, however...

In biology only one species intend/are made for destroying everyone else: viruses and maybe some bacterias. As other animals emerged within evolution, they quite often fought or even killed others in way to survive.
So are probably humans... and i don't belive that our goal is self destruction. Although we happen to make a lot of problems to our fellow animals, we still have a lot to do in order to bring real change of climate (humanity - about 8% of world's CO2 made by us, the rest by the nature.)
Until 2nd World War we subtained somewhat 7-8% so we aren't that much bad human race.
It is true we have many negative (as for me - more than those positive) aspects, only few are just worth calling them "good" like love etc. but even those are taken in consideration by other things like "i need this guy to provide me cash, children etc.). So we're somewhat selfish, not self-destructive.

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very cool

It does a wonderful job of showing elements of what the nazi movement did to bolster itself: publish a tome, hold rallies, conduct research based on "cutting edge scientific discoveries" to justify their more outlandish claims, attack neighbors, and isolate/eliminate a sector of the population. I'm very pro-semite, and a big fan of Rammstein, so I know they aren't nazis, and that the Jews are a fine people, and that Israel is not just for Jews. A lot of it is documentary work, anyway, which may have been set to music with narration to indoctrinate, but the music itself doesn't endorse the national socialist party or indicate the band has to do with it either. In the future, I'd suggest setting their music to more recent German news footage, like the dozens of events over the last 65 years since WWII. Nevertheless, this was interesting.

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awesome song, what's it's name. I love rammstien