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ZIMMY puppet pals ep. 3

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Author Comments

This is much better than the others. Please watch before voting.

FAQ: Where's # 2?


The first one sucked!


Akamaru1's notes:

Any ideas contact me!

If you're pissed becaause it has no plot, well too bad! It does. Wath the firts 8 seconds, DUH!

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i liked it!!!!!^_^

im gonna sing the doom song ^-^

doom doom doom doo doom doom doo doo doo dooo doom doom doom dooom doom
the end uu what that ^-^
and this was a kinda good flsh but i might suggest nothing ^-^


What i said before! Learn to draw! I cant draw so I dont submit.

IZSBHR responds:

They were SUPPOSED to look like that.
If I could actually get my flashes done, you would see that I am quite the manga artist.

to spend more

++++ Some great backgrounds.

!!!!!- starts automatically. Never do this.

----- For most of it, it's impossible to tell what's going on. Are they crawling? Is that person being dragged? Dancing?

--- Overly slow. Specially scene with green thing slowly advancing towards the robot and the end scene, where the same loop is repeated over and over.

Draw more frames. Do more drawings - don't just skew, rotate and resize. Try and approximate reality enough for things to be understandable.

+++ Dramatic music.

Mainly a confusing mess. I think you need to spend more time on your work. You can do better.

IZSBHR responds:

Actually, it IS an automatic preloader, because all my preloaders look ugly :(

---They're beating the shit out of one another.

--green thing = ZIM.

-It WAS fbf, but I accidently replaced one of the MCs fbf with tweening :(

Thanks, I can do better. I think animation wise, this is very good.


^^Good Points^^
The music was pretty good. Was it from the show? Also, the backgrounds you used weren't that bad, and the rain scene was pretty well done.

^^Needs Improving^^
This was really pretty boring. The animations were really slow and the storyline moved very slow and was really hard to follow, since the animations were mostly just resizing images and tweens. Overall this was really just a boring movie.

Review Request Club.

IZSBHR responds:

Resizing images and tweens? Woah, woah, woah. This was 85.7% fbf, and it WAS 86% until I accidently replaced an fbf with a tween :(

Music = From show
BGs = official art pic from show :)
Rain = All mine :D

Thanks :)