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Broly The Legendary SS

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If you hate Dragonballz then this will probably be no exception unless you base your judgement on animation then you might be impressed.

IM SRY, If you've seen this arleady its because my friend accidently deleted it, it was completely an accident. I couldn't find any other way to get it back.

Sry if the sound quality sounds kinda poor i tried the best i could to fit. The volume because increasingly louder up until the end so you may want to turn it down beforehand.

I had one hell of a time trying to make this movie. The was never willing to co-operate from the beginning and i had to delete scences because it threw everything out of sync. It started out as just a random idea at christmas of me just drawing display pictures. As i drew more and more I thought it would make a good movie as a trailer. The music was a tough one to get. I had to order it online with a CD so if the movie seems unorganized its because i never had one real based plan on how to develop it in the first place. In total it was about 5 months of hard working at it day by day but was in production for about 9 months.

Now to explain the movie. Its a trailer for the already existing movie on dvd Dragonballz: Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan. I picked out a couple clips from the movie and decided to remake them for the trailer i created. None of this is traced, redrawn, laid over ETC. from the movie im just a dumb perfectionist =(. I've seen many nice Dbz animations and i wanted to make one of my own so here it is. I also strived to make it the best it can be so i hope I've achieved that goal.

Ill try to respond to every review and if i don't have time and you really want me to get back to you, you can just email me at hrechkaness@hotmail.com

Enjoy the movie!

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Nice entry you have here, I realize you were aiming for a certain style with this, and thats cool and it has come out kind of unique, it was an interesting flash submission, and I was drawn to this, so I was not easily bored with this, would like to see more of this and see it go furhter and even deeper, while still keeping some quality to it. ok so this was interesting, the art on the characters was pretty impressive and the "EFFECTS" were even better, all around a good job here, this did seem kind of short more like a "TRAILER" of shorts. I really look forward to seeing more stuff like this, untill then keep working on great stuff. nothing else to say except keep up the effort in this one and future flash stuff you have planned.

I Encourage you on some of these ideas, it will ad more Exposure So there can be alot of different things you can do to improve on things But maybe all this really needs is some tweeks and some possible new situations but maybe you can try a few suggested things. I would ad a tad more bit of content to give more detail on whats going on or going to see, something to give the viewers something to be waiting for in any type of full version.


hrechkaness responds:

I feel like you tried your hardest to actually be NON descriptive lol. Still holding the title for number one newgrounds reviewer? I think you've done a couple of my animations in the past. Hope this wasn't just bot spam tho.....

wow i really enjoyed this may i upload it ?

hrechkaness responds:

It is already uploaded under my Youtube channel. Same username, "Hrechkaness". I'm glad you liked it!



koolio dude.Gohan:Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! Goku:More power,vegeta! Vegeta:No. (Goku: what the hell???)

thats one of the most successfull attempts

i've seen so far, its really hard to do so it's a 9/10 for you

Credits & Info

4.26 / 5.00

Sep 15, 2006
9:41 AM EDT

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