Zombie Shooter 3

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Three rounds of insane zombie shooting. Get as many points as you can by hitting arms, torsos and heads.

Get enough points in each round to move onto the next.

EDIT: I've made it easier. 300 points for the first round, 400 for level 2, 430 for level 3.



i coiuld beat that lvl either but...
last guy ur a dumbass it IS YOU SKILLS that r the problem
i managed to get 410 on my first go so shatap
game is a little repetative annoying sounds no gun noise and gay music


It was a pretty cool game, man. It got very repetative after a while, though with limited characters and they die in basically the same fashion.

The graphics were definitely good, though and it was fun for a quick game. Just longevity of play isn't relaly there.

Good, though. Keep it up and expand in your next game. =)


sounds is really anoying , add some heavy metal , like the guy before me add a shop or something that would make theplayer carry on , and its true , 450 points are impossible for the first round ,and add some spewing guts and gore to make it even better , but overall its a good game, i give it 5 rs

Overall. Okay.

Sound : Annoying,Change it,to create a better atmosphere.
Graphics : Good =] Mabe, add better effects, better atmosphere, darker. etc.
Violence : maybe add some blood, bullets, etc.
Scripting/coding : Okay, improove it? add onto the bullets etc =]
Points : Impossible to get 450 . Lower it ,to around 200 on the first round. to move on to levels.

TIP : add a shop, more rounds, more weapons. You may make front page,y'never know .


This was pretty cool - i personally didnt like the sound! It wasnt very atmospheric and got repetative fast...More characters- nicer graphics and a change in environment will see this with top scores. Peace.

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3.17 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2006
12:51 AM EDT
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