Super Short: Dinosaur

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Not long but sort of, strange.


LOL Yes very short.

You are right it was very short, nice character and flow of animation, ince it was so "SHORT" I would suggest to improve on the flash short you could add more shorts and put them all on one flash instead of just the one, but having alot in one flash would make it more entertaining, and make the flash longer with more to see. anyways it was alright.

Shorter then short.


Battered-Prawn responds:

shorter than short?

its called 'Super Short: Dinosaur' =D

A little boring.

Was it frame-by-frame, if it was, you're really good at it. Try making it longer with the guy eating the whole dinosaur in frame-by-frame.

Battered-Prawn responds:

yeh it was frame by frame, so thanks.

That guy can eat

not bad, my first though was the guy was just going to be walk over and crushed you put a good twist on a "i saw that coming kind of movie". good job

Battered-Prawn responds:

thanks, that was the idea =)

to short

whats with the boy eating the dinosaur just plain odd and why did the dino only have two feet this looked quite good to start with but i did not lile it when he ate the dino sort of distrubing but it the wrong way

Battered-Prawn responds:

hmmm, well if you didnt like it then its not to bad as it was a small, short waste of your life ;)

I agree.

You do have talent, just work on a story and spend a while working towards a big project and you'll have a big hit.

Battered-Prawn responds:

thanks, ive tried making proper ones and then just dont turn out very well, maybe if i did a huge one like this it'd be good like you said.

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2.38 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2006
4:23 PM EDT
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