Path Of FreeMan

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If your PC is slower than 2GHz you'd better to go to options screen and turn Blood Says and Interactive Enviroment off and turn Simple Shells on. Also, set music volume to maximum.

Cool 2D shooter with great physics. Shot your enemies, blow 'em with a grenade, make a fast moving cart smash them, or just drop a box on their heads. Face 11 types of enemies and break through 22 levels of fun.


half life clone

its like half life in 2d


Just like half life 2. Just the way I like it ( :

Awesome game!

It reminds me of the real game! I'd recommend it because it is very fun and frightening! Especially the parts where you get to kill a lot of enemies(and that is very fun)! The game play is very remarkable especially the physics of the game. I think this game is one of the very BEST of all of the first person shooters. Anyone who reads this review should be encouraged to really enjoy the game. Especially the flash hl2. They are both fun in different ways. Oh and for anyone that needs help with the barnacles, try going up to the tongue and get your crowbar and hit it when you're close to the top, or just simply shoot it lol! Although on the other hand they are handy for taking out annoying enemies! If anyone is interested in playing the real game then download the demo so you can get an idea of what the game is going to be like. If you like the game then of course get the game!

P.S. When you get the pistol in Half Life 2, just shoot the living crap out of those cops! lol!


man that was hilariously fun i played through it straight for 2 hours!!! one of the weirdest glitches i seen was when i kicked a can and it hit a combine in the head and he died....the zombies were annoying but suprising simplistic to kill.

I loved it

i dont like those poison headcrabs, when hl3 comes out and you make something like a uhm sequal named Trail of freeman, a prequal would be nice too, i got a zombie corpse stuck in a barrel, never fix that its classic footage for youtube and i s hilarious,in a basic breakdown
Engine:8/10(a headcrab fell through floor =P
Overall:9.6/10 so in other words......*drumroll* 10/10!

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3.64 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2006
11:41 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun