Urban Legends

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Sex, violence, ghosts... We present some popular urban legends and ask you to determine whether they're fact or fiction. *Go to jkcinema.com/extras.asp for a very clear MP3 sample of "Love Rollercoaster."*

Some reviewers are saying I stole material for this movie (snopes2.com). I could rant, but instead here is a reviewer's (RaZoRDu30) intelligent take on it: "...the reason they're called URBAN LEGENDS is because the stories are RUMORS that have been floating around for FUCKING YEARS. Give this guy a break and stop calling him a fucking thief. This movie was well done, and all you people who are saying he stole [the plots] are complete fucking idiots..."

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was it just me or was this scary


You don't see many flashes including things like this, so it's very different from other flashes on Newgrounds. It's a nice variety to what people normally watch on here, and your series is great!

I Love This Series!

This brings back memories to when these were new.

And yes. I know most of this video is fake. The Urban Legends: Ghosts video is convincing though.


I'm familiar with most of these legends, so I know they're not true, but the way you presented them was fabulously creepy, even for the ones that weren't meant to be scary. Fantastic job.

Great stuff

I think this was one of the first things I saw on the Internet that inspired me to go to websites like Snopes. Not to sound like a party pooper, but I have done my research about these urban legends. The thing about the album cover shoot is false. The movie "Three Men And A Baby" does not have a ghost in it, that is just a cardboard cutout used for the promo that accidently was left on stage. "The Rescuers" thing is true, but that is the only Disney one that has been verified. I do think the subliminal stuff is real.