The Ricky Ray Show! Ep. 4

September 12, 2006 –
November 4, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Will Ricky and the gang find a way to get rid of David Romo?


It always pisses me off that the main character is obviously a self insert

Ah the classic days of middle schools

not bad

hey ray , do you really have such a hot goth girl as friend ? if yeah could you give me her phone number or e mail adress dude?

Re:Seriously Zee

Did u really have to make a diagram of a penis to describe your hatred of the show....u could of just said i didn't like it not say ow this is a really gay show.
Next time think before you type out your thoughts.


well, this was a really gay episode but the quality of the animation has really increased dramatically from the previous 3 episodes.


lmao so fign funy i loved it :P seriouslt especialy the end...IM GOING TO HAWAIIII :D ....altho he wont have time to save them im sure lol i also liked the way all the girls were tied......:P anyway awsome video lol

Oh My God Dude!

Just the first minute alone was Newgrounds front page material!! LMAO

This is great I just started watching it's awsome

Hah aha! oh man I am new to this but I really dig the story and the way it is drawn I need to check out the comics now.. very nice work

hehe, awsome

tis was great.
What was the name of that song during the credits?


man i love the whole ricky ray series please make more episodes :]

Funny as hell

that was very funny and a job well done.


so good... ´´Look iam an doctor...´´ HAHA..

nice series

I think the song was called Carmina Burana. But anyone has the right to correct me, if I'm wrong.


But that is my opinion.

My sister would really like to know what the name of the song was that played during the credits, before the backstory about the fart guy.


Lol, nice job.

Great Job!

I have watched all 5 episodes of Ricky Ray and it is the funniest piece of work i have seen in a while and its hard to make me laugh. I love the sexual humor and your story plots. Tho i was dissapointed that you did a crappy conclusion to episode four i wanted to see what happen tho episode five was funny. Anyway great job.


hey helerious but when is da 5th 1 comin out??????

i got to say your doing a great job

but has anyone telled you that ricky ray looks like gorden freemen from halflife ?

That's funny

You're like the Clay Aiken of animation. I think you're stuff will be much better once you come out of the closet. I'm not saying that to be mean. You're really good.

<deleted> responds:

God I hope you didn't mean that in a gay way.

umm....beautifully drawn, but somewhat boring

umm....beautifully drawn, but somewhat boring
umm....beautifully drawn, but somewhat boring

the storyline was not too compelling either-disappointing,especially after the excellent opening minute :(

this was great

i love the ricky ray series there one of my favorite series keep it up ofcourse im shore there not goin to die that wouldnt be cool k.

You always make me laugh

Good JOB :)

Im goiiiin too hawwai!!

Hahaha Very fun really fun.

Great job

I wish i could understand all dialogues, I don't have a good English, but only by the expressions, scenes and voices I think I'd be laughing all time.
I like the voice you put on David, someone speaking this way has to be massive



This series is good.

I like the animation, the storyline is is about people who I want to kill for their existance, the voice acting is flawless, and Ricky Ray got stabbed with a needle. Haha! Keep on giving us more Ricky Ray Show!


well it was ok but i was kinda faling asleep at some parts it got boring

<deleted> responds:

Well when you put it side by side to other newground animation I can see how you can get bored sometimes with storyline driven animations. Thanks for not blamming just because of that. We all know your better than that.


this was frekin sweet. i love your stuff.


all I can say

Very good

very funny and good graphics...i like the style of your graphics....cant wait to to see the next one the series is great
keep up the good work



Its a great series and all, but why did you resubmit after deleting it? Couldn't you just have replaced the file? It's now at a lower score than you started it at.


I don't quite get the logic here, since this submission had no noticable changes compared to the first copy you sent in.

Either way, good job, great series.



this was just bad

<deleted> responds:

I'm guessing your about 12 right?


haha best flash today that ive seen so far.

im goin to hawii!

dude funny as HELL! and no i didnt vote high because of sexy goth chick boobs... really i dont think sex sells. and that girl with the hat is quite possibly my idol now...

Make more

I loved the style, cant believe I've never seen your work before.


I saw this earlier this morning. Looked in obituaries and it's there for some reason with a score of like 3.70 upon death.

WTF is going on?

As for the movie, I liked it quite a bit (again). It's well-drawn and has a lot of hilarity.

The part where you're tlaking about the real life of David Romo was kind of poor. I think you got far away from the mic at some point or something and then you became very tough to hear.

Anyway, 5/5!


because it sucked

<deleted> responds:

Are you the guy who faked your first 6 reviews to get daily first? That's sad.

This series is great!

This was a great animation. It really made me laugh!

Everything was great about it. Great quality and very funny and original.

Keep it up!


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