TooF Hacky Sackory

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I was cacking myself watching that, my parents were just like... "What?"
Keep up the good work mate. It's hilarious.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!###^!^#&!%#%# besides that it wuz gud

awsome... but not incredible like ussual

not sure what it is about the series now, but it seems like everybody even logo is gettin tired of doin the same ol bullshit...... for some reason.............. if i had watched all the episodes in 1 night... i wuold kill myself from boredom... its the same ol explosions, killing random teeth.... not absolutely hillarius anymore for some reason. like, i liked it and all but i think everybodies gettin tired is all im trying to say.... logo my man u have talent.. try makin a spectacular finale to the series bro.... im uber sorry but for me.... this is getting to be old quick now...... atleast we all can remember clasics like toof 5 ^^ damn solid toof and thief toof ^^ man u cant beat that epi ^^... to end this quite abruptly.... peace out bro try to make sumthing else with your experience... TooF is dead BORING!

Great, but the profanity ruins it.

Seriously, whenever an animation or movie (See: Saw 2 Unrated Version) has characters that swear a lot, it just plain ruin what would normally entertaining or funny. Your replies to the reviews were more than amusing, what did you do to them? Are you holding them ransom?

You should make episodes more often, we all know full well that they don't take you long (on a relative scale) to produce, while many people enjoy them. I'm glad that you actually realize that you take attention away from other hardworking flash producers and don't revel in it. I know many people who would either laugh at the people that they take attention away from or just ignore the fact that they do.

I got my flower, I got my power... (If you know where that line is from you get like 3,000 cool points... I think.)

Post-Script: I gave sound a low score (and Humor a lower score than I otherwise would have) because the characters use way too much profanity and you sound like the 8 year old Inuit with Cerebral Palsy that directed Saw 2 (Not the actual voice acting, the dialogue).

And I know I use parentheses too much.


I love the seires and the characters in it, just this episode could be better if the teeth actually stayed in the mouth :P. I also seriously think you should have added a commentary for this episode. Your work is great and so is the voice acting.

Keep doing what your doing and can't wait for tooth 10.

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3.89 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2006
2:15 AM EDT
Comedy - Original

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