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Hack the Sack

20 questions, another classic game! This is the first time that the teeth are actually somewhere else then the mouth. A possessed hacky sack is a great concept especially when they come out of the flashback and he is still holding the weapon. After attention was brought to it, it just disappears. Kind of a sucky ending though… Great Job Funny Man!

I wrote this at Touth-hurty (puns rule)

Funny as hell... you know with the never ending torture and flesh burning flames. Wait, maybe that's not that great of a saying. How about this flash was -flashtastic- (ha ha ha, lol, gay person trying to be funny slang). Your series is genius and I missed the comentary (without it I started thinking that the teef were actually alive and the cartoon a reality. I began to pull my teeth out one by one with plyers so that I could have friends. When I got to that seventh one I realized how far I had gone, screamed in agony, and then wrote this review.

Funny as hell!

This is as funny as the last one but it's a bit too choppy :( I saw the funny parts though :P

now..... time to explain the ratings:

Interactivity- you got a 2 because of the ending ( if there was a commentary and replies it would have been higher :( )

Style- Was more different than any other episode with the new scenery(<--don't know if I spelled that right) and all

Sound- It sounded the same as every other one :P I just like how all the voices are made by you and your friend(s) (mostly you)

Humor- what I found funny was that the teef (lol) got OUT of the mouth

Graphics- meh not much to say here... but the hacky sack colors hurt my eyes ><

If you can, will you put this on your next replies list? thnx :P -The one and only Broex


I love it when he says "OMG, you sunk my battle ship!" and "your cute when your angry". This animation is so funny.

Don't say that, your voice is lovely.

This is (probably) my favourite TooF outing: The sound effects, sound (including voices) and lip-sync were all perfect. I had some problems when they were outside though: I guess you must've blurred the bacgkrounds, because they lagged horribley for me. Anyhoo, sorry to see TooF leave newgrounds; it was a good ride. Well done on pioneering the way with which Authors communicate with reviewers.

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3.89 / 5.00

Sep 12, 2006
2:15 AM EDT
Comedy - Original

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