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9-11 Lube's Bday :lol:

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its my B day, fiffen

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Oh man you're a phycotic!

Do you really believe that making fun of an terrorists attack is funny? you don't have an heart! And no remorse for the dead. All those inoccent people who have died, all those children who might have no dads/moms anymore, You're just sick in the mind dude, I can't believe why newgrounds even let this happen.
you're a phsyocotic being! (This means all the same for the people who even thought it would be funny to collab with this stupid son of a bitch.)
Heartless </3

u sick basterd

u are very sick in head i say we should bane this flase from newgrounds u are a asshloe to make something people due not wach just give it a 0

Lube-Cox responds:

i screwed your sister

Sorry bro

nothing personal couple of things to say i personnaly cant stand microsoft sam flashs and the like (i know i aint sub,itted any but that doesnt mean i dont have an opinion)

And i do think it was a little inappropriate considering its 5th anniversry and all though i do think if something like this was submittedat a different time i dont think you can give him shit for it cause yes it was tragic yes it was a gorrible cruel act of hatred but thats all it will spawn is anger and hatred unless you let yourself lighten up about it well jsut end up breeding hatred towards muslim and such for the future its been five years that doesnt make it anymore less tragic but it is about time ppl lightened up about it and maybe accept the idea that jokes'll will be made the day steve irwin died it only took about an hour till the first joke was told so please lighten up if you let yourselves see the funny side of things youll feel better sorry if thsi isnt well written it on the spot im giving this a rating for the movie and the only problem i have with it is the actual timing but different ppl do have different ways of dealing with things
atm out
ps where theres zeros its things i didnt wanna rate but ti said i had too

Lube-Cox responds:

too lazy to read the whole thing

dear god

you CAN have talent but this thing you are only a guy with no heart, one of my friends is orphan now, her parents was in united states for a work travel and they are in the wrong pleace in the wrong time how do you feel if your parents was death because the 9/11??? think about it

Lube-Cox responds:

id make a flash about it...haha :D

honestly. . .

now, I agree that sometimes people need to step back and laugh about the tragedies in life, but 9-11? it was too major, and its way too soon. all in all, this was in poor taste, and not in a good way, or even in a way thats tolerable by most people. try this again in 50 years, it might get a better response. for now, you've probably made more than a handful of enemies. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but it needed to be said

Lube-Cox responds:

lol not really, the flash made it through the portal thats all I need to make my day, also the funny reviews you ass holes make..XD hahahahaha