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Well, Nhaz and I were bored one night, and came up with this strange little animation. Check it out, enjoy!

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Hey now!

Weird, that I had to give it low scores basically everywhere, and still scored good in overall. Perhaps that's because 'animation' isn't in there.

Graphics: 2, sorry, but there weren't any good graphics.
Style: 4, hate random FBF's. This one was a very good one though!
Sound: 4, just a random tune.
Violence, Interactivity -
Humor: 3, I was amused but I didn't laugh.

This was how I started at flash, just not as good as this one. Some very nice frame by frame effects. You should consider putting it to better use (lipsyncing for instance, or full colored movies).

Also, take it easy on the random. Another hint: If you were to make movies, full colored, with a storyline, with FBF effects like this, you're in gold :P

Keep it up! I'm bookmarking this so I'll know if you guys have anything new. I'm curious to your progress ;).


I love its simplicity and pace.

i think it was rite to use just b&w, and the music suits it.

This is a great example of how to make a wonderful flash without complicated stuff nor ultraviolence/stupid "plots"

Fair play to u.

voted 5

Word boy this was awsome. The animation was mega smooth and it flowed so perfectly and never got boring. And it was pretty long for this kind of animation. I really hope to see a sequel in the near future.

It was black and white which made it pretty boring at some parts. The music wasnt that good either. To repetitive. And some of the drwaings could be more complex.


I was completely blown away, absolutely BRILLIANT, I loved it, excellent


This was pure genius.