Jetto Ninjin

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The Star Syndicate presents a music video guaranteed to make you sing about flying carrots. Two months in the making between all of us, it is now finished. More information is available in the movie itself. Be sure to click the audio link on this page for a website you won't be able to read.

Parts include Kooh, Astropuff, Psychomidget, F00D, MrBigStick, Starberry, TheIRG, Retrosmash and Lauch.

Many thanks to Tom for allowing us to upload this.


i didnt like it...

crap graphics stupid humour bad song with no words i cul dunderstand.. and stupid bunnys which look like ... well i dont no what they look like but it bad and thye randomly shot each other up and stuk a carrot dildo up ther ass.. i mean wtf ... i culdnt bare to watch to the end...1/5

Starberry responds:

sorry to disappoint but it actually is more than just the bunny;;;

I loved the song.

But the rest I really didn't like. Some of the animations, early on, mostly... Oh hell, I liked the rabbits. Sorry, but this just wasn't my thing. WAY too many random sex jokes.

Starberry responds:

ok wow there are not that many sex jokes in this not nearly as many as a lot of movies


um ya good music...everything else is holy fucking shit what the fuck is this

Starberry responds:

free your mind


It wasn't horrible but it wasn't great defiently not front page material in my opinion, someparts were funny though

Starberry responds:

i feel your rating doesn't go with your words


I'm not singin' about carrots... I didn't even know the song was about freakin' carrots... choose an english song dammit! Secondly, i get the plotlessness cuz it's a collab, but u could have done without the pointless sex references, i didn't even watch it all cuz of that. You just didn't score high in my book.

Starberry responds:


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3.80 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2006
7:22 PM EDT
Music Video