Stephan Episode 1

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The first episode in my upcoming series Stephan.
All episodes are meant to be short so dont complain.



The graphic is like a bad copy of "The Classroom" series. The story was.... Well... There was no story. Why the man want to kill Stephan? And by the way, who's Stephan? President of a great company? A lower drug dealer? You should improve your flash skills before submiting another movie here.

Sorry... :(

Superdean responds:

Everything you asked will be answered in episode 2 and 3


it was slightly clever, not original, even though that sounds contradicting, but the graphics and animations were bad dude, sometimes simple graphics(like circles) can b animated nice, but this is not the case here.

Try a more solid feeling backround skeems and better animations, dont get discuraged though.

i smell front page!

i really belive that this movie could reach the front page. if you continue this, at the rate its going, this will probably be the best new series ive seen all year! keep em' coming!


Thumbs up

This looks to be a good series, the graphics could be better and so can the length, but sometimes I understand they need to be shorter, but I like this one, and im sure the newer ones should be just as good.

Nice very good

well done i loved it. But the opening u took off terminator 3: Rise of the machines didn't u?

Superdean responds:


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2.37 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2006
5:26 PM EDT
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