The Real 9-11 Story

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Not to be taken seriously.


Somewhat Foolish

Don't get me wrong the flash had many wonderful features about it that I really found promising in the beginning. The epic music for one was definetly something I noted right away, the excellent animation was a very nice 3D style the effect was very real and well worked on showing that the events of September 11 did in fact devastate our hope against terrorism and did in fact terrorize the entire nation.

This was more foolish than anything I thought, the plot started off just showing basically the planes crashing into the towers than showed a clip from snakes on a plane or something. It demonstrated pure comedy out of the events of 9/11 which probably offended many although I'd rather not include that in my review as the flash itself said not to watch this if you'd get offended by it.

The beginning was pretty epic and pointed out some good points but overall it was foolish and not really a good dedication to the events of September 11th.

-TY Reviews


Look, for all you d-bags who saw this and were offended, you are retards. He said in the description that this wasn't to be taken seriously. Plus, when you got to the place to click on the video, it said not to watch if you were going to be offended, SO F*** OFF!!!!

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i don't get it

how is the tower on fire before the plane hits it? O_o

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really...lets all go poke some fun...wow.

This is offensive and completely false information. The conspericy theorists are obviously having a field day with your feeble mind. Grow up.

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and just remeber make as many jokes about the holocaust as you want the Rwanda genecide just dont make any damn jokes about 9/11. Very good flash making it could of used some colour though

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Sep 11, 2006
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